Blockade Runner Mary Celeste sunken in Bermuda Waters 1864

Oct 25, 2017
This is NOT the same ship as the famous ghost ship of the same name!:

Mary Celeste (or Marie Celestia)
Sunk in Bermuda Waters on Sep 13, 1864

If you want to know about the ghost ship Mary Celeste that was found abandoned off the coast of Portugal, then Go to Ghost Ship Mary Celeste. The shipwreck that I am describing here is one of Bermuda's most historic shipwrecks with the same name and also known as Mary Celestia. The sleek 225-foot ship weighed 207 tons. This side paddlewheel steamer was chartered during America's Civil War. She was utilized as a blockade-runner while smuggling guns, ammunition, supplies and food for the troops in the South.

One of the swiftest of her class, Mary Celeste had made at least five successful trips delivering goods to the south. On September 13, 1864, under the command of captain Sinclair and piloted by a local Bermudian John Virgin, Mary Celeste left for Wilmington, North Carolina. The ship was carrying cargo, which included beef, bacon, ammunition, and much needed rifles for the war.

The Mary Celeste made an unusually fast run through the east end channel and up the south side of the island. First officer Stuart announced some breakers he had spotted ahead. But the local pilot John who was steering the vessel responded saying that he knew every rock out there in the sea. All on board the ship had to pay dearly for such over confidence. Within seconds, the vessel slammed into a reef and was sinking. The ship's cook had returned to his cabin and never made it out of the sinking ship. He was the only casualty.

Mary Celeste Bermuda

The wreck lies in 55 feet of water, with one of her paddlewheel frames standing upright like a miniature Ferris wheel. The other paddlewheel of this Bermuda's famous shipwreck lies flat on the sand along with many interesting artifacts such as the boilers, anchor and part of the bow.

Separate article on found cargo recreated in 2014:
"Bermuda Perfumery Mary Celestia – Historical Perfume Found Buried in the Mary Celeste Shipwreck"
Pull up a chair, pour yourself a cup of tea, and let me tell you a story. Imagine closing your eyes, and seeing an old shipwreck in crystal clear Caribbean waters buried under pink sands covering forgotten treasures. Stretch back in time to a Civil War in a distant country and profiteering black-marketers running illegal contraband from distant shores. Now add in Mother Nature and her forces of change as she throws in a hurricane which changes everything. Allowing history to be pulled into the present as it weaves together lost threads of mystery, intrigue, fate, destiny, romance, and fragrance.
Fragrance? Yes, the scent of the past swirling its way into the future. A single bottle of perfume created over 150 years ago unwilling to remain completely forgotten by the world tucked away in its watery nesting place.
REST OF ARTICLE on recreated perfume :


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