US Con Blair, Jacob Beeson - U.S. Congressman, VA/WV

Jacob Beeson Blair


Born: April 11, 1821

Birthplace: Parkersburg, Virginia (West Virginia)

Wife: Josephine A. Jackson 1834 – 1856
(Buried: Harrisville IOOF Cemetery, Harrisville, West Virginia)​

Married: November 21, 1850 in Ritchie County, Virginia (West Virginia)


Harriet Wilson Blair Moss 1851 – 1935​
(Buried: Riverview Cemetery, Parkersburg, West Virginia)​

Political Party: Unconditional Unionist Party

Occupation before War:

Attorney in Ritchie County (West Virginia)​
Ritchie County, Virginia (West Virginia) Prosecuting Attorney​

Civil War Career:

1861 – 1863: United States Congressman from Virginia​
1861 – 1863: Ranking Member of House Public Buildings and Grounds​

1863 – 1865: United States Congressman from West Virginia​
1863 – 1865: Member of House Public Buildings and Grounds Committee​
1863 – 1865: Member of House Public Expenditures Committee​
1865: Voted in support of 13th​ Amendment to U.S. Constitution.​

Occupation before War:

1865 – 1868: Attorney in Ritchie County, West Virginia​
1868 – 1873: United States Minister to Costa Rica​
1873 – 1878: Attorney in Ritchie County, West Virginia​
1876 – 1888: Wyoming Associate Justice of Supreme Court​
1892 – 1899: Salt Lake County, Utah Probate Judge​
1897 – 1901: Utah Surveyor General​

Died: February 12, 1901

Place of Death: Salt Lake City, Utah

Age at time of Death: 79 years old

Burial Place: Mount Olivet Cemetery, Salt Lake City, Utah
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South Texas
That vacancy that he filled in Congress was caused by the resignation of John S.Carlile. Carlile had only been in the House of Representstives for 9 days when he resigned to take his seat as "Senator Carlile".