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Useful Black Varnish for Straw or Chip Hats

no. 249. black varnish for straw or chip hats.
(from Six Hundred Miscellaneous Valuable Receipts Worth Their Weight in Gold, by John Marquart, 1860)


1/2 oz. best black sealing wax​
2 oz. rectified spirits of wine​


Take 1/2 ounce best black sealing wax, pound it well, and put it into a 4-ounce vial containing 2 ounces rectified spirits of wine. Place it in a sand bath, or near a moderate fire, till the wax is dissolved; then lay it on warm, with a fine soft hairbrush, before a fire, or in the sun. It gives a good stiffness to old straw hats, and a beautiful gloss equal to new. It likewise resists wet.​