Brass Napoleon Award Black Southerners and the Confederate Cause--What the newspapers said: 1861-1865

Jan 12, 2016
South Carolina
I would like to have more details on this case. This is likely in reference to an attempt to get a pension, though the lack of detail makes it difficult to be certain.

The times. (Richmond, Va.) 1890-1903, October 19, 1902

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Aug 17, 2011
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I do have a good number of post-war newspaper articles all throughout this thread. They often shed some light on wartime events and individuals, or tell us how these men were viewed in the decades after the war.

I've posted this particular story before, but it's worth revisiting this 1889 article about Eli Pickett, who received no mention that I can find in the newspapers during the war, but who fought and was wounded during the war, and shunned by other black men after the war ended, because they said he had fought to keep them in slavery. It was the attempt to obtain a pension for Eli Pickett that brought him into the public eye, as those who felt he deserved a pension wanted his story made public. They were successful in obtaining him a pension, despite the initial refusal by a judge.

The Times-Picayune, 10 Aug 1889
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The gold leaf. September 19, 1889
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Looks perfectly fine to me because it directly relates to a civil war event/person. If it were about a post-1869 monument or event without such a direct relation to the civil war, it needs to be in the reconstruction forum. I am not really concerned about 'off topic' as such. If you feel it is topical it is good.

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