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Killed or Mortally Wounded (17)

Bellinger, Daniel, SC - Secessionville, SC, June 16, 1862. (SCSL)
Chavis, Alfred, 26th SC Infantry- Petersburg, VA, September 10, 1864. (SC CSR)
Clapp, Willis, LA (SN)
Clarke, ------, KY (SN)
Cornelius (R. B. Moore), Hoole's Co. MS Art - Vicksburg, MS, June 8, 1863. (MS CSR)
Cossens, Franklin, 37th NC Infantry - 2nd Manassas, VA, August 29, 1862. (NC CSR)
Dallas, Moses, C.S.S. Isondiga - Attack on U.S.S. Water Witch, June 3, 1864. (ORN 1-15, p.499)
Dunwoody, Charles, SC (SN)
Fitzhugh, ------ (SN)
George (C. C. Cummings), 17th MS Infantry - Gettysburg Campaign, July 1863. (CVM, Vol. 4, p153)
Goins, Andrew, 35th NC Infantry - Malvern Hill, VA, July 1, 1862. (NC CSR)
Howcott, Willis, Harvey's (MS) Scouts
Jack (Lt. Shelton), AR - Belmont, MO, November 7, 1861. (Battle of Belmont by Nathaniel Cheairs Hughes, p.247)
Oxendine, Warren, 14th SC Infantry - Spotsylvania Courthouse, VA, May 23, 1864. (SC Pension-widow)
Russell, James, 24th SC Infantry - Missionary Ridge, November 25, 1863. (Enlisted for the War by E.Jones, p.394)
Thomas, Jackson, 5th (McKenzie's) TN Cavalry - Big Creek, TN, March 14, 1862. (TN CSR)
White, David H., CSS Alabama - Engagement with USS Kearsarge off Cherbourg, France, June 19, 1864. (Fold3)

Wounded (122)

Allen, Eli, 20th MS Infantry - Dalton, GA, 1864. (MS Pension)
Anderson, Ike, 1st/2nd KY Cavalry - 1862. (TN Pension)
Banks, Sam, 1st MS Cavalry - Selma, AL. (MS Pension)
Bankston, Lee, MS - Cedartown, GA. (MS Pension)
Beanland, Jack, MS - Murfreesboro, TN. (MS Pension)
Bell, Henry S., 23rd SC Infantry - June 1864. (SC CSR)
Benson, Jeff, MS - Baton Rouge, LA. (MS Pension)
Benson, John, MS - Tuscumbia, AL. (MS Pension)
Best, Nathan, NC (MS Pension)
Bishop, Primus, AL - Manassas Gap, VA. (MS Pension)
Blackwell, Harden, 15th TN Cav - Buffington Island, OH, July 19, 1863. Died of wounds, Sept. 22, 1863. (TN CSR)
Bridges, Richard, MS - Atlanta, GA, 1864. (MS Pension)
Brown, Alfred, GA - Chickamauga, GA, September 1863. (TN Pension)
Brown, Axton, MS - Columbia, SC. (MS Pension)
Brown, John L, 20th TN Infantry (TN Pension)
Buckner, John, 1st SC Artillery - Battery Wagner, SC, July 12, 1863. (SC CSR)
Burt, Randle, MS - Atlanta, GA, July 1864. (MS Pension)
Campbell, Henry, MS (MS Pension)
Clark, A., MS - Snyder's Bluff, MS, April 1863. (MS Pension)
Copeland, Spencer, 3rd SC - Charleston, SC. (SC Pension)
Crum, Frank, 2nd MS Infantry - Petersburg, VA, 1865. (MS Pension)
Cunningham, Wyatt, SC - Rocky Mount Ferry, Catawba River, SC, March 1865. (NC Pension)
Daniel (Purvis), SC - Fort Sumter, August 21, 1863. (OR 1-28-1, p.614)
Daniels, Henry, AL - Atlanta, GA, July 1864. (MS Pension)
Davis, George W. - Galveston, TX. (News Archive)
Davis, Willis, 36th MS Infantry (MS Pension)
Dial, Jacob, 21st SC Inf - Aug. 23, 1863. Captured and died of pneumonia Elmira, NY, March 19, 1865. (SC CSR)
Divinity, Howard H., 12th MS Infantry - Gettysburg Campaign, July 1863. (MS Pension)
Dodson, Henry, MS - Gaines Mill, VA. (MS Pension)
Dublin, Austin, NC - Roanoke Island, NC, February 1862. (MS Pension)
Dudley, Robert, MS - 1863. (MS Pension)
Easley, W.M., 24th TN Infantry - Shiloh, TN, April 1862. (TN Pension)
Evans, Mose, MS - Atlanta, GA. (MS Pension)
Fields, Napoleon, Forrest's Escort - 1862. (MS Pension)
Flowers, Harrison, MS - Port Hudson, LA, 1863. (MS Pension)
Fuller, Lee, AL - 1862. (TN Pension)
Galluchat, July, SC - Fort Sumter, SC. (News Archive)
Garrett, George W., SC. (TN Pension)
Gavin, Tony, MS - 1862. (MS Pension)
Godman (or Chadman), James - Gettysburg, PA, July 3, 1863. Died August 13.
Goins, Hilliard, 12th NC Infantry - Gettysburg Campaign, July 1863. (NC Pension)
Hankens, Thad, MS - Vicksburg, MS, 1863. (MS Pension)
Harris, Ned, MS - Big Black River Bridge, MS, 1863. (MS Pension)
Hawkins, Albert, McNeil's MS Regiment - Mansfield, LA, April 6, 1864. (MS Pension)
Henderson, Henry (TN Pension)
Henson, James, 60th NC Infantry (VA Pension)
Hollins, Squire, MS - Corinth, MS, 1862. (MS Pension)
Hopson, Milton, 3rd MS Infantry - Atlanta, GA, 1864. (MS Pension)
Hudson, David, AL - Fredericksburg, VA. (MS Pension)
Isaac (Marmins), SC - Fort Sumter, August 21, 1863. (OR 1-28-1, p.614)
Jackson, Squire, 38th MS Cavalry - Vicksburg, MS. (MS Pension)
Johnson, Gus - Atlanta, GA, August 1864. (MS Pension)
Johnston, Hector R., 11th Battalion SC Rifles (SC Pension)
Jones, Monroe, 1st MS Light Artillery - Snyder's Bluff, MS, May 1, 1863. (MS & TN Pension)
Julian, Alexander, 29th MS Infantry - Murfreesboro, TN. (MS Pension)
Kelly, Anderson, MS - Corinth, MS. (MS Pension)
Kennard, Taylor, TN - Shiloh, TN, April 1862. (TN Pension)
King, Anderson, MS - Atlanta, GA, 1864. (MS Pension)
King, Randal, MS (MS Pension)
Knight, L.K., 6th SC Cavalry - Petersburg, VA, 1864. (SC Pension)
Lamar, Floyd, AL - Marietta, GA, 1864. (VA Pension)
Leland, Richard, MS - 1862. (MS Pension)
Lester, Coleman, 22nd MS Infantry (MS Pension)
Lockhart, Peter, MS - Shiloh, TN, April 1862. (MS Pension)
Lutz, Charles F., 8th LA Infantry - Gettysburg, PA, July 2, 1863. (LA CSR & Pension)
McCullough, Ned, 17th TN Infantry - Murfreesboro and Chattanooga, TN. (TN Pension)
McDonald, George W., Ordnance Dept. - Helena, AR, July 4, 1863. (News Archive)
McElduff, Moses, SC - Fort Sumter, SC. (News Archive)
McGowen, Dempsy, MS - Corinth, MS. (MS Pension)
McMorris, Seab, MS - December 1864. (MS Pension)
Melton, Dan, 22nd MS Infantry - Vicksburg, MS. (MS Pension)
Mitchell, Charley, 3rd Battalion MS Infantry (State Troops) - 1862. (MS Pension)
Mitchell, Hardy, MS - Resaca, GA, May 1864. (MS Pension)
Mitchell, Steve, MS (MS Pension)
Moses, John, 7th TN Cavalry - Holly Springs, MS. (TN Pension)
Myers, Handy, 7th Battalion MS Infantry - Corinth, MS, October 3, 1862. (MS Pension)
Neal, Henry, MS - Shiloh, TN, April 1862. (TN Pension)
Nelson, Abram, MS - July 1864. (MS Pension)
Newsom, Sam, TN - Sullivan's Creek. (TN Pension)
Noel, Frank, MS - Selma, AL, April 2, 1865. (MS Pension)
Oxindine, Larkin, 37th NC Infantry (NC CSR, NC Pension)
Patton, Jim, MS - Vicksburg, MS, 1863. (MS Pension)
Peeples, Andrew, Lewis' Battalion AL Cavalry - Mobile Campaign, 1865. (MS Pension)
Perry, Freedom, 15th MS Infantry - Fishing Creek, KY, January 19, 1862. (MS Pension)
Perryman, Eli, MS - Bakers Creek (aka Champions Hill), May 16, 1863. (MS Pension)
Pete, William - Vicksburg, MS. (News Archive)
Pickett, Eli, LA Artillery - 1864. (News Archive)
Pounds, John, MS - Fredericksburg, VA. (MS Pension)
Ransom, Arthur, 51st NC Infantry - Cold Harbor, Va., June 1, 1864. (NC CSR)
Revel (or Revels), E. H., 34th NC Infantry - September 1862. (NC CSR)
Revels, William C., 21st NC Inf - Winchester, VA, Gettysburg, PA, and Newbern, NC. (NC Pension)
Rucker, Amos, 33rd GA Infantry (News Archive)
Russell, Aaron, 29th TN Infantry - Chickamauga, GA, September 1863. (TN CSR)
Sales, William, MS - Vicksburg, MS, 1863. (MS Pension)
Sawyers, John, 21st NC Infantry (NC CSR, NC Pension)
Shavers, Daniel, 48th NC Infantry - Sharpsburg (Antietam), MD, September 17, 1862. (NC CSR)
Shaw, Jessie, 7th TX Infantry - Jackson, MS, May 14, 1863. (MS Pension)
Shropshire, Bob, TX - Holly Springs, MS. (News Archive)
Sneed, Isaac, 43rd NC Inf - Winchester, VA, Sept. 19, 1864. (NC CSR)
Sojourner, Henry, 36th MS Infantry - Vicksburg, MS, 1863. (MS Pension)
Stinson, Fred, GA - La Vergne, TN, 1862. (MS Pension)
Taylor, Berry, MS - Harrisburg, MS, July 1864. (MS Pension)
Tinnin, Dick, 6th MS Infantry - Corinth, MS, 1862. (MS Pension)
Torrey, Peter, 1st Battalion MS Sharpshooters (MS Pension)
Tucker, Adam, MS - Chickamauga, GA, September 1864. (MS Pension)
Turner, Joel, 23rd SC Infantry - Sharpsburg (Antietam), MD, September 17, 1862. (SC CSR)
Van Lieu, Cap, SC - Coosawhatchie, SC. (MS Pension)
Wade, George, MS - Hamilton's Crossing near Fredericksburg, VA, November 1862. (MS Pension)
Wade, Walter, 38th MS Cavalry - Harrisburg, MS, July 1864. (MS Pension)
Walker, Henry, 1st MS Cavalry - Purdy, TN, 1862. (MS Pension)
Walker, Ned, AL - LaGrange, GA, 1864. (MS Pension)
Walls, Henry, 15th TN Infantry - Shiloh, TN, April 1862. (MS Pension)
Wash, Gilbert, MS - Fredericksburg, VA. (MS Pension)
Watkins, Nep, MS - Clarksdale, MS. (MS Pension)
Watkins, Wade, TN Cavalry (TN Pension)
Watson, Coleman, MS (MS Pension)
Wharton, M.F., SC - Marshall's Battery, Sullivan's Island, SC, 1861. (News Archive)
Williams, Billie, MS - Meridian, MS. (MS Pension)
Williamson, Ely, CSS Curlew - Roanoke Island, February 7, 1862. (NC Pension)
Wilson, Jackson, 4th MS Infantry - Atlanta, GA, 1864. (MS Pension)
Womack, Jack, AL - Spanish Fort, AL. (MS Pension)
Yates, George, 32nd MS Infantry - Dug Gap and Atlanta, GA, 1864. (MS Pension)

Killed and Wounded (Unknown)

Fort Sumter, SC

Aug 12 - 1 k, 7 w (OR, 1-28-1, p.608)
Aug 21 - 1 w (OR, 1-28-1, p.614)
Aug 23 - 3 w (Misc CSR)
Sep 28 - 1 k (OR, 1-28-1, p.626)
Oct 26 - 1 w (Misc CSR)
Nov 07 - 2 w (Misc CSR)
Nov 08 - 5 w (Misc CSR)
Nov 21 - 2 k, 6 w (Misc CSR)
Nov 23 - 1 k, 1 w (OR, 1-28-1, p.640)
Nov 24 - 1 k, 1 w (Misc CSR)
Nov 25 - 1 k, 1 w (OR, 1-28-1, p.640)
Nov 29 - 1 k (OR, 1-28-1, p.173)
1864 (OR, 1-35-1)
Mar 15 - 1 w (p.197)
Apr 04 - 1 k (p.200)
May 02 - 1 w (p.206)
May 14 - 1 w (p.211)
May 15 - 1 k (p.211)
May 17 - 2 w (p.212)
Jun 02 - 4 w (p.215)
Jun 03 - 1 w (p.215)
July 15 - 1 w (p.224)
July 16 - 1 k, 2 w (p.225)
July 19 - 1 w (p.226)
July 20 - 1 k, 7 w (p.226)
July 25 - 1 w (p.229)
July 26 - 5 w (p.229)
July 27 - 1 k, 2 w (p.230)
July 29 - 2 w (p.231)
July 30 - 2 w (p.231)
Aug 01 - 1 w (p.233)
Aug 02 - 1 k (p.233)
Aug 03 - 1 w (p.234)
Aug 12 - 3 w (p.235)
Aug 14 - 2 w (p.235)
Aug 23 - 2 w (p.237)
Aug 25 - 3 w (p.237)
Aug 26 - 2 k, 2 w (p.238)
Aug 28 - 1 w (p.238)
Aug 30 - 2 k (p.239)
Aug 31 - 1 w (p.239)
Sep 03 - 1 k (p.240)
Sep 16 - 2 k, 3w (p.242)
Total: 21 killed, 80 wounded

Fort Johnson, SC, 1863

Oct 01 - 1 w (OR, 1-28-1, p.138)

Chickamauga, GA, September 1863
4th (McLemore's) Tennessee Cavalry
4 killed, 7 wounded

Harpers Ferry, September 1862
1 killed

Spanish Fort, AL, April 1865
0 killed, 2 wounded

Vaught's Hill, TN, March 20, 1863
1 killed

CSR - National Archives' Compiled Service Records of Confederate Soldiers
CVM - Confederate Veteran magazine
OR - Official Records of the Union and Confederate Armies
ORN - Official Records of the Union and Confederate Navies
News Archive - Refer to individual post for name and date of news articles
SCSL - South Carolina State Library
SN - WPA Slave Narratives
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I have an excellent metric that can be used to compare the evidence black casualties in both the Union & Confederate service. On the first morning of the Battle of Nashville Hood's right flank was attacked by regiments of USCTI. The numbers engaged were about the same as has been said were with Stonewall Jackson. As we know, Jackson's infantry suffered something like 20-40% casualties during any given engagement. So, we can make an apples to apples comparison between Jackson & Thomas' colored troop losses.

General George Thomas' plan of attack at Nashville was to fix Hood's right & center while he overwhelmed & outflanked his left. The Confederate right was dug in on an eminence called Orchard Knob. Veteran USCTI regiments like the 13th were interspersed with green recruits roared out of their starting positions & made a determined attack on the knob. It was met by an equally determined defense. Confederate commanders praised the bravery & determination of the black attackers. The flag of the 13th, inscribed "Presented by the Colored Lady's of Murfreesboro" was picked up at the foot of the Confederate wall. Confederate officers & men wrote that they had not seen dead lying so thick on any field during the war. The USCTI assault was valiant by the very advanced standards of the Army of Tennessee in 1864.

George Thomas' report of the battle repeats the high praise of Confederate officers. Dozens of journals & letters that I know of praised the USCTI assault. Newspaper accounts repeated the praise. Every history of the Battle of Nashville includes the fact that by fixing Hood's right & center in place, the USCTI attack played a pivotal role in the Army of Tennessee's defeat. Post war, even at a time when there was a concerted effort to erase the contribution of black troops, the singular nature of the attack on Orchard Knob could not be ignored. Applications by veterans & their descendants of the Orchard Knob regiments are numbered in the thousands. Those applications include the white officers such as Bvt Major Charles Bennet 13th USCT, Veteran Volunteer, 9th Michigan Volunteer Infantry. There are to this day, living grandchildren of USCT soldiers who married very late in life. As a result, there are family stories about those men & their service. That, my friends is a paper trail.

We have a paper trail that documents of an undoubted event during the Civil War. Let's compare that with the evidence to support an action by the thousands of Black Confederates that served under Stonewall Jackson. Which one of their actions would make a good comparison? What were Jackson's intentions & what were his orders to the black regiments? Where are the reports of Union regiments engaged? Where are the reports of the action & casualty reports sent to Jackson's HQ? News paper reports, journals. letters home, family stories; how was the Black Confederate action documented post war, where can we read them? In which of the thousands of books about Jackson's campaigns can we find mention of the Black Confederate regiments & their actions? These are evidence that historical documents of an military event are made up of; so, where are they? I am not referring to a few scattered pension records decades later. The hundreds & thousands of documents that all Civil War military actions generated is what is required to prove that slaves willingly fought in regimental strength under Stonewall Jackson.

The truckload of material generated by the USCTI attack on Orchard Knob is a yardstick by which documentation of a known event can measured. An essential question is, where can we compare a black Confederate attack's documentation to the attack on Orchard Knob? We can't, because the simple fact is that there isn't any. Why is that?

Perhaps the answer to that question can be found in wisdom that far outdates the bible. The Sumerians, the people who invented writing, had a saying. (We know that because they wrote it down.) 'What is not recorded does not exist.' Thousands of years later, the same could be said about black Confederate combatants: What does not exist is not recorded.
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Rhea Cole

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Nov 2, 2019
Murfreesboro, Tennessee
We have 11 pages of records and counting. What did in fact exist was in fact recorded.

Ok, lets make head to head comparison. You pick the Confederate Colored Infantry Regiment you know best. Under what General's command was the Confederate Colored Infantry Regiment assigned to? Pick an engagement, what were his orders to the Confederate Colored Regiment? What was their ordinal (1st, 34th, etc.)? What Union units did they engage? What do the after action reports of both sides say? Casualty reports, killed, wounded, captured were reported up the chain of command? How many pension records/family records/press accounts do you have?

My friends in the 13th USCTI reenactor group have a very impressive archive. The individual official service records alone run to thousands of pages. The index is way longer than your Eleven pages. So how about we get down to some forreal historical research? Pension records from 30 years after the war don't count. Let's draw the line at 1866, no documents after that date. That cuts out any B.S., ¿no?

Please send me a link to the thousands of Black Confederate documents that every regiment of infantry in the war generated. That is what historians do & I await your documentation of a single Confederate Colored Infantry Regiment with great anticipation.
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Ok, lets make head to head comparison.

There is no head to head comparison. There were large numbers of USCT, 180,000 I think, but very small numbers of black men in the CS military. You'll get no argument on that from me. There were no infantry regiments that I'm aware of, just individuals who served in small numbers in the ranks.
Dec 31, 2010
Kingsport, Tennessee
Ok, lets make head to head comparison. You pick the Confederate Colored Infantry Regiment you know best

Rhea, I've been here for 10 years. At no time has anyone ever claimed there were Colored Infantry Regiments in the Confederate Army. The only possible exception would be the Native Guard in New Orleans early on, and that didn't last long. If I understand the rules here correctly, this thread is for research only. Notice the box that says "Research"? There are other discussion threads on this subject. I feel kinda responsible cause I invited you here. Please try and follow their rules.


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Ok, lets make head to head comparison....

.... I await your documentation of a single Confederate Colored Infantry Regiment with great anticipation.

not following o.p. rules

All you need to do is look at the thread prefix!

I intended this to be a research thread. If you have no information to add on the subject ('how many were killed and wounded') please post elsewhere.

You aren't making a positive contribution to this thread and will be thread banned if your actions continue.

Start your own thread if you want to debate the merits of your own idea.


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