Discussion Biggest Blunders

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Aug 12, 2011
The southern states believing that by forfeiture of representation at the Federal level, they could postpone indefinitely the inevitable. By giving up the power granted them by representation in the Senate and the House, they lost the ability to negotiate, something they had done very well .
Second place, forming a confederation in which the national governing body was weaker than the individual state members, thus gutting the ability of the CSA military to conduct it's responsibilities across state line, in other words allowing state militias the same authority the national commander.
Case in point, the siege of Savannah, So. Carolina govenor refused to send state militias to its aid, Florida and Texas ignoring Davis's calls for more men etc.
Worse yet, the CSA had no system in place to litigate disagreements between member states or between the national governing body and the states, it had no supreme court, . Eventually this would have lead to in fighting over water rights and create power struggles with no options other than war between the member states.
Feb 23, 2010
From the top of myhead there are three. Bragg's turning way in his invasion of Ky to attend to the inauguration of a secessionist gov. and uncovering, the escape route for Buell's army to escape. and McClellans delaying his attack on Lee at Antietam, 24 hrs. Ifg he had attacked a say sooner, Lee would have been defeated, before Jackson could reinforce him. and, Hookers retreat from Chancellorsville, after Jackson's flank attack. When the bulk of the larger AoP was betweenthe smaller forces of Lee and Jackson(usually considered a recipe for defeating the enemy in detail, in most military handbooks).

P.S. For honorable mention, I nominate McClellan's decision to retreat rather than fight for his supply lines, on the first days of battle against Lee, during the Seven Days.

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