Bernadelli Mississippi Rifle in .58


Jun 1, 2021
According to McAulay, the 10th and 45th NY carried .54 caliber Remington M. 1841's at Gettysburg, previously converted by NY to accept bayonets. He lists over 50 regiments carrying M. 1841's in the 4th quarter of 1862. Usage was most common in the Western and Trans-Mississippi theaters, so I guess it depends on where you're reenacting.

The Fifth Iowa, armed entirely with M. 1841s, had a very stiff fight at Iuka in September 1862. It was right next to the 11th Ohio battery at the center of the battle. This link posted in the Western Theater forum has some great first person accounts of the intensity of that fight.
Those .54 caliber M1841's. Would they have been shot with the same ammunition as the imported non-rebored Lorenz rifles? Would that even have worked that well, considering that the Mississippis had rifling for ball and patch?