Beriah Magoffin the Kentucky governor at the start of the Civil War.

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Aug 25, 2012
Beriah Magoffin is views as having sympathized with the Confederacy and believed that secession was legal. Still he seemed to be able to sit on the fence and support neither the Confederacy nor the Union. When the Kentucky General Assembly opted for neutrality Governor Magoffin supported this. In the June 1861 special election Unionist candidates took nine of ten congressional districts and also won a two-thirds majorities in both houses of the General Assembly. With Unionist in charge of the General Assembly there was little Magoffin could do except to use his veto power which he knew would be over rode by the General Assembly. The General Assembly did not trust Magoffin. In the end Magoffin resigned on the condition he could pick his replacement.

So how was Magoffin seen Lincoln and Jefferson Davis? By remaining loyal to the will of the people of Kentucky I suspect he was not overly well liked by either Lincoln or Davis. Still there are some interesting what-ifs involved here. Could have Magoffin have worked behind the scenes with the Confederacy and some how have helped the Confederacy? With the Kentucky Unionist winning such a huge majority in the special election of June 1861 it was only time until Unionist supporters in Kentucky would have tilted the state towards the Union.