Bentonville Battlefield HAUNTED!! (Real EVPs) Hunting The Dead!!!

NH Civil War Gal

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Feb 5, 2017
That was very interesting. The only thing is..... the word "psychotic" wouldn't have been used in Civil War times so I don't see how that fits in with Rebel soldiers.

JD Mayo

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Jun 12, 2020
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I agree with the EVP's you never hear voices like that specially during the day in the sun. Guess Gettysburg isn't the most haunted place in America on this planet. I never thought about visiting other battelfields seems like only people want to go to Gettysburg if you have a TV show like Ghost Hunters, and Ghost Adventures. But you shouldn't do this by your self. One may follow you home. I use to ghost hunt but not that much anymore so busy now. I prefer a audio tape recorder. You can play it back later and hear a voice it's more exciting than in real time with a spirit box.