Behind the fight: Quilts of the Civil War

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JPK Huson 1863

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Feb 14, 2012
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Thanks for this, Barry- fair warning following the link- you have to drive the pickets in before all the ads allow you to view the article- even then snipers try to pick you off while reading so read quickly and retreat.

I'm not certain her information was good across the board or if perhaps she'd gotten ahold of the Bed Quilt Regiment? ( forget what exactly it was called- must look it up, am very behind today due to minus 5 weather and a recalcitrant coal stove ) She states soldiers all left with the best of the best of the family's quilts and I'm just not certain this was true across-the-board. There was a regiment raised in the South, late in the war- forced to do so because they had no coats but it's the first I heard recruits were required to bring their own bedrolls- or allowed to?

With a family and children at home, the wife tending them I'd just question that the ' best of the best ' of the household goods would have been handed over to the husband to take off to camp, war, shooting and blood. The old ones were warm, too. She does have some stunning examples though.