Be gentle with the newbies, please.

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Mrs. V

Sergeant Major
May 5, 2017
Several threads out there wondering why more people are not joining the companies, are not going into reenacting at all...while we love our spectators, we sure would love to see them kitted up and roaming! In fact, I think we should have a “rogue” company, comprised of all us singletons..maybe we could camp together...but I is very important that those who are veterans to interact positively with the newbies..there is a technique, which we used in martial arts, called, “Praise, check, praise”..where you would praise the effort, offer a correction, and then praise the resulting effort..for example..I drifted into the Southern Camp at Zoar, and the gal who does the sewing exhibit, complimented me on my outfit..summer sheer, and then said, “I want you to look so much better than you do now”..or words to that made me feel very good, and the things she was pointing out, had troubled me anyway..she is eagerly awaiting my corrections.

So, you could say, “That is a lovely dress, and I want you to look so lovely in it...take that in..” or, I love the pattern that you used for that dress, and it fits you like a glove..the next time you make it, maybe think about using...X fabric” one, should ever call a friend in tears, or have to deal with “Let me tell you what is wrong with your dress”..(which I endured at my last reenactment..she was wrong..never challenge a librarian)..this is all supposed to be fun.

And you know what? At the end of the day, what did your spectator see? A confident reenactor, or someone hiding, because someone told her that her fabric wasn’t “ correct”! I get that what we present should be as accurate as possible. But just because you have not seen it, does not make it wrong..and I don’t care how long you’ve been reenacting..plenty of things ya’ll do that are not cannon..
Fewer ads. Lots of American Civil War content!