Battle of Pleasant Hill LA Reenactment gets news coverage.

Rusk County Avengers

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Apr 8, 2018
Coffeeville, TX
LOTS of familiar faces here to me happening this weekend. Also no modern politics in this link.

I've not been in since 2015, when the outrageous registration fee with no real return on that fee in powder/Saturday night dinner, combined with a parking lot adjacent to the camp I had fenced in a couple years prior with original runner of it for the people that ran it then and now banned me with no explanation, and other issues I pledged to never return. At least till folks got they're heads on straight.

This year I had about decided to return as I was told things had improved, and with the COVID craziness ain't had a single reenactment since 2019, but my Grandmother getting knocked over by her demon h*llspawn cat made that not happen. Plus I kind of want to go back as I thanks to the great folks here I found out one of my GGG-Grandfathers was there.

Maybe next year I'll get out there again.