Battle of Culloden


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Apr 1, 2016
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April 19, 1865-
About thirty miles west of Macon, a skirmish known as the Battle of Culloden was fought as a part of the Union forces moving toward Macon encountered a company of Georgia Reserve Militia consisting of two hundred teens, old men, and wounded veterans. The Georgians were able to hold off the Union advance for about two hours before being forced to withdraw.

The Historical Marker for the battle reads: On April 19, 1865, a part of Wilson's Federal Raiders, moving toward Macon, encountered the "Worrill Grays" near this spot. The "Grays," numbering less than 200 men, fought a magnificent battle, greatly outnumbered.

After a two-hour battle, they finally yielded to the superior force, leaving their dead and wounded in Federal hands. So fierce was the fighting that the two men in the 17th Indiana (mounted) Infantry who captured the flag of this fighting unit, were awarded Medals of Honor by the United States Government.

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For those who may have been wondering, there apparently is no connection between the name of this Civil War action and the battle in which Bonnie Prince Charlie suffered a resounding defeat.

The battle is named for the town of Culloden, GA. According to Wikipedia, Culloden was first settled in 1739, some seven years before the Battle of Culloden in Scotland.

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