Battle of Bibb Furnace, Brierfield, Alabama


Sep 8, 2016
Gordo, Alabama
The Battle of Bibb Furnace will be taking place Dec 3-5, 2021 at Brierfield Ironworks Park located at 240 Furnace Pkwy, Brierfield, Alabama.
Reenactor Registration is $5.00 per Reenactor which covers the meal for Saturday Night. Battle will start at 2pm on Saturday & Sunday.
If you are interested in participating as an Individual or as a Unit please contact me with your information and approximate number of individuals in your Unit if participating as a Unit.
As always bring your Confederate & Federal Impressions in the event that some may need to galvanize.
We will also have a Field Hospital set up to retrieve the wounded and dead so if any of you are interested in portraying Field Doctors, Nurses, all means join the ranks of the Medical Corps If your willing and able.
There will be Sutlers as well, Top Hat Sutlery, Persimmon Hill Forge, B&B Sutlery(for the ladies), along with Gregory Newson. There will also be a Ladies Tea taking place on Saturday at 10:30am so Ladies bring your dresses.
This event his an SCV & 1st Division of Southern Reenactors sponsored event, SCV CIC Larry McCluney Jr. will be the overall Confederate Commander & Col. Scotty Myers will be the overall Federal Commander.
Again if you are interested please come out and support this event and support the hobby. Contact information will be provided below for those coming to contact me with your information so we can have a rough estimate on Reenactors attending. Thanks and we hope to see you there.

Eddie Sullivan
[email protected]