Research Baptist Associations during the Civil War

Sep 28, 2013
Southwest Mississippi
Landmarkism was a major highly divisive movement in the mid 1800s.
I honestly didn't think anyone one this site was even vaguely aware of Landmarkism.

I know it well.

A few of my elderly relatives were members.
When I was a child, my Dad would take us to their services a few times per year
(out of courtesy to his Aunts & Uncles).

I won't go into detail, but they were very very very different.

I'm not criticizing their beliefs, but IMHO, they are not Baptists.

North or South.
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Nov 21, 2014
LOL - I think Baptist history is underappreciated, even by Baptists. If we´re aware of it at all, we tend to hit 3 major points: the 17th century founders (Smythe and Helwys), the 19th century colporter movement and Adoniram and Ann Judson (the first American Missionaries). We should cite a good source: H Leon McBeth, ¨The Baptist Heritage.¨ It will tell you more in one volume than you ever thought you wanted to know.


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Apr 1, 1999
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Several weeks ago there was a brief discussion about religion in the war. I mentioned I wrote a grad school paper that had a narrow focus on this area.
Here is a PDF of that paper.

I included the source materials and biblio as part of the paper. Most of the items were found in the Southwestern Baptist Theol. Seminary library, located in Ft. Worth, TX.

Dr. Estep was my very first seminary professor and the story is: First day he mentioned a term paper. As an accountant, we did not do term papers. So I made an appointment to visit with him. He was very gracious and said, 'tell you what. I am looking for this and this and that and I will let you read last semesters papers that my Graduate Assistant is grading. So I went to the back of his office and read and got a sense of what he was looking for. I shared this project with a Ph. D professor at the school I was working for and one look he stated, you were doing Ph.D. research. I had no clue. Always been proud of the grade !!!
This is a wonderful document, can I add it to our Resource Area?