{⋆★⋆} BG Baldwin, William E.

William Edwin Baldwin

General Baldwin.jpg

Born: July 28, 1827

Birthplace: Statesburg, South Carolina

Father: Daniel Baldwin 1787 – 1865
(Buried: Friendship Cemetery, Columbus, Mississippi)​

Mother: Emmaline Unknown – 1875
(Buried: Friendship Cemetery, Columbus, Mississippi)​

Occupation before War:

Bookstore Owner in Columbus, Mississippi​
Served in the Columbus, Mississippi Militia​

Civil War Career:

Colonel of 14th Mississippi Infantry Regiment​
1862: Captured during the Battle of Fort Donelson, Tennessee​
1862 – 1864: Brigadier General of Confederate Army Infantry​
Commander in West Tennessee of Brigade of Mississippi & Tennessee Soldiers​
1862: Brigade Commander in the Battle of Coffeeville, Mississippi​
1863: Brigade Commander in Battle of Port Gibson, Mississippi
1863: Brigade Commander in Battle of Champion Hill, Mississippi​
1863: Captured during the Vicksburg, Mississippi Campaign​
1863 – 1864: Served in a District of Mobile, Alabama​

February 19, 1864

Place of Death: Mobile County, Alabama

Age at time of Death: 36 years old

Cause of Death: Broken stirup on horse near Dog River in Alabama

Burial Place: Friendship Cemetery, Columbus, Mississippi
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