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John Brown Baldwin

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Born: January 11, 1820

Birthplace: Spring Farm Staunton Virginia

Father: Judge Briscoe Gerard Baldwin Sr. 1789 – 1852
(Buried: Thornrose Cemetery, Staunton, Virginia)​

Mother: Martha Steele Brown 1791 – 1870
(Buried: Thornrose Cemetery, Staunton, Virginia)​

Wife: Susan Madison Peyton 1822 – 1899
(Buried: Thornrose Cemetery, Staunton, Virginia)​


1838: Graduated from University of Virginia​

Occupation before War:

Attorney in Staunton, Virginia​
1848 – 1861: Member of Virginia State House of Delegates​
1856 – 1864: Member University of Virginia Board of Visitors​
Colonel in Virginia State Militia​
1860: Supporter of John Bell for President Campaign​
1860 – 1861: Worked entirely to try to bring about Peace​

Civil War Career:

1861: Augusta County Delegate to Virginia State Secession Convention​
1861: Voted against disunion at Virginia State Secession Convention​
1861: Colonel & Inspector General of Virginia State Troops​
1861 – 1862: Colonel of 52nd​ Virginia Infantry Regiment​
1862 – 1865: Confederate States Congressman from Virginia​
Supporter of Conscription once it had become established Policy​
Sought exemption of numerous classes of producers from conscription​
Supporter of army commandeering free negros for labor​
Supporter of Strict Currency Controls in the Confederacy​
1862 – 1865: Member of House Ways and Means Committee​
1864: Suggested doubling the tithe on Agriculture Products​
Badgered the House and War Department about inequities and malpractices​

Occupation after War:

1865 – 1875: Attorney in Staunton, Virginia​
1865 – 1869: Member of Virginia State House of Delegates​
1865 – 1869: Speaker of Virginia State House of Delegates​
1865: Author of Baldwin’s Rules in Virginia​
1868: President of Virginia State Conservative Convention​
1868: Declined Democratic Nomination for Governor of Virginia​
1873: On the day he died, all businesses closed and church bells rung in Staunton, Virginia​

Died: September 30, 1873

Place of Death: Staunton, Virginia

Age at time of Death: 53 years old

Burial Place: Thornrose Cemetery, Staunton, Virginia

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He lost to William J. Robertson in the 1859 election for Virginia Supreme Court of Appeals. This was an election decided by the legistators. He is said to have given a Pro-Unioist speech on March 21, 1861 that lasted 3 days.