★  Baker, Lafayette Curry

Lafayette Curry Baker

Born: October 13, 1826

Birthplace: Stafford, New York

Father: Remember Baker 1786 – 1847
(Buried: Portland Cemetery, Portland, Michigan)​

Mother: Cyntha Stannard 1787 – 1840
(Buried: Portland Cemetery, Portland, Michigan)​

Occupation before War:

1839 – 1848: Mechanic in Michigan​
1848 – 1853: Lived in New York​


1853: Moved to California​
1856: Vigilante in San Francisco, California​
1861: Moved to District of Columbia​

Civil War Career:

1861: Spy for Major General Winfield Scott in Virginia​
1861 – 1862: Captain and Provost Marshal in Washington, D.C.​
1862 – 1863: In Charge of National Detective Bureau​
1863: Diagnosed with having cerebral congestion​
1863 – 1865: Colonel of 1st​ D.C. Cavalry Regiment​
Known to have used brutal interrogation techniques for information​
Demoted for tapping telegraph lines and sent to New York​
1865: Recalled to Washington, D.C. after Lincoln Assassination​
In Charge of tracking down Lincoln's assassins​
Some reports name him as the man who shot John Wilkes Booth.​
1865 – 1866: Brigadier General of Union Army Volunteers​
1865: Diagnosed with meningitis​
1866: Mustered out of the union Army​

Occupation after War:

1867: Author of A History of the Secret Service
1868: Retired to his home complaining of a gun wound from hunting trip​

July 3, 1868

Place of Death: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Cause of Death: Meningitis

Age at time of Death: 41 years old

Original Burial Place: Mutual Family Cemetery

Burial Place: Forest Hills Cemetery, Huntingdon Valley, Pennsylvania
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