US Con Bailey, Goldsmith Fox - U.S. Congressman, MA

Goldsmith Fox Bailey


Born: July 17, 1823

Birthplace: East Westmoreland, New Hampshire

Father: Ebenezer Bailey 1781 – 1825

Mother: Lucy Goldsmith 1786 – 1866
(Buried: Laurel Hill Cemetery Fitchburg Massachusetts)

Wife: Sophia F. Billings 1826 – 1895
(Buried: Laurel Hill Cemetery, Fitchburg, Massachusetts)


Edward Goldsmith Bailey 1855 – 1940​

Political Party: Republican Party

Occupation before War:

Editor and Publisher of Bellows Falls Gazette Newspaper
1848 – 1861: Attorney in Fitchburg, Massachusetts​
1849 – 1854: Member of Fitchburg, Massachusetts School Committee​
1851 – 1853: United States Postmaster for Fitchburg, Massachusetts​
1857: Massachusetts State Representative​

Civil War Career:

1861 – 1862: United States Congressman from Massachusetts​
1861 – 1862: Member of House Territories Committee​
1862: Served as U.S. Congressman until his death on May 8th​

Died: May 8, 1862

Place of Death: Fitchburg, Massachusetts

Cause of Death: Consumption

Age at time of Death: 38 years old

Burial Place: Laurel Hill Cemetery, Fitchburg, Massachusetts

Cenotaph Place: Congressional Cemetery, Washington, D.C.

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South Texas
The seat on Congress that Bailey occupied in Congress , the 9th district, was filled by his defeating Free Soiler Eli Thayer in the election.Thayer played a role in supplying John Brown with weapons that were intended for Kansas but were used in the Harper's Ferry insurrection instead.