'Athas St. Patrick's Day, From Once-A-Year Colleens At Ladies Tea

JPK Huson 1863

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Feb 14, 2012
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" Irish Beauty ", Currier and Ives print from LoC. Image is slightly post war which makes it an odd topic for publication at the time. Around 1870 there was a lot of anti-Irish sentiment partly based on anti-Catholic sentiments but helped along by scurrilous, mine owner-bought newspapers accounts on a group of Irish labor protestors- The Molly Maguires. Remembering all of them today.

Ok, so I'm not privy to Northern Light's and 18th Virginia's DNA but forgivably, we're all Irish one day a year. 'Athas, ' happy ', Gaelic. My Irish loathing great grandmother was Irish, if she but knew she's busted. Her era was the ' No Irish Need Apply ' era, with ' lace curtain Irish ' and ' shanty Irish ' a distinction here in the anthracite coal regions of Pennsylvania. And her father, after trading in saber and horse post ACW married an Irish girl and shared a house with an Irish couple, the entire family lived smack in the middle of a Molly Maguire community, within sight of the Pottsville jail where so many Irish coal miners were hung. Busted, Sadie, today we celebrate that community and around 1,000 years before it across The Pond.

Happy Saint Patrick's Day, and same to you Sadie, wherever you are.

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Northern Light

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Jul 21, 2014
My great-great grandfather and his four sons emigrated from County Tyrone, Ireland in the 1830s, so I can claim to be Irish!

“Lá Fhéile Pádraig sona duit!”

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