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Army of the Potomac
Antietam - Order of Battle

artillery pieces

CWT ANV Antietam Order of Battle - Coming Soon!

1st Corps
Commanded by Maj. Gen. Joseph Hooker

OOB Key to Notations
(?) = unknown casualty status
(c ) =
(w ) = wounded
(k ) = killed
(p ) = only a portion of unit present
= not present at the battle

Maj. Gen. George B. McClellan
Army of the Potomac Commanding General

Strength: men, guns
Casualties: killed, wounded, missing, total

== Officers of the Staff ==​
Chief of Staff: Brig. Gen. Randolph B. Marcy​
Chief of Artillery: Brig. Gen. Henry J. Hunt​
Lt William S. Worth, aide to Gen Hunt​
Chief of Cavalry: Brig. Gen. John Buford​
Inspector General: Col. Delos B. Sacket​
Medical Director: Surg. Jonathan Letterman​
Medical Inspector: Lt. Col. E.P. Vollum​
Assistant Surgeon Benjamin D. Howard​
Assistant Surgeon Charles C. Gray​
Assistant Surgeon Alexander Ingram​
Chief Quartermaster: Lt. Col. Rufus Ingalls​
Lt Henry Page, asst. to Col. Ingalls​
Lt. Col. Albert V. Colburn, Asst. Adjutant General​
Chief of Signals: Maj. Albert J. Myer​
Capt B. F. Fisher, Signal Det.​
Lt. Col. David H. Strother, Topographer and Aide-de-camp​
Lt. Col. Edward McKenney Hudson, Aide-de-camp​
Capt. Charles R. Lowell, Aide-de-camp​
Capt. William S. Abert, Aide-de-camp​
Capt. George A Custer, Aide-de-camp​
Lt. Alonzo H Cushing, Aide-de-camp​
Lt. John M Wilson, Aide-de-camp​

1st Corps
Strength: men, guns
Casualties: killed, wounded, missing, total

Maj. Gen. Joseph Hooker (w)

Brig. Gen. George G. Meade

Escort: 2nd New York Cavalry (4 companies), Capt John E. Naylor

1st Division, Brig. Gen. John P. Hatch (w, 9/14), Brig. Gen. Abner Doubleday

1st Brigade, Col Walter Phelps, Jr.

22nd New York Infantry, Lt. Col. John McKie, Jr.​
24th New York Infantry, Capt John D. O'Brian (w)​
30th New York Infantry, Col William M. Searing​
90th New York Infantry, (14th Militia), Maj. William H. de Bevoise​
2nd U.S. Sharpshooters, Col Henry A. V. Post (w)​

2nd Brigade, Brig. Gen. Abner Doubleday, Col William P. Wainwright (w, 9/14), Lt. Col. J. William Hofmann

7th Indiana Infantry, Maj Ira G. Grover​
76th New York Infantry, Col William P. Wainwright, Capt John W. Young​
95th New York Infantry, Maj Edward Pye​
56th Pennsylvania Infantry, Lt. Col. S. William Hofmann, Capt. Frederick Williams​

3rd Brigade, Brig. Gen. Marsena R. Patrick

21st New York Infantry, Col William F. Rogers​
23rd New York Infantry, Col Henry C. Hoffman​
35th New York Infantry, Col Newton B. Lord​
80th New York Infantry (20th Militia), Lt. Col. Theodore B. Gates​

4th Brigade, Brig. Gen. John Gibbon

19th Indiana Infantry, Col Solomon Meredith, Lt. Col. Alois O. Bachman (k), Capt William W. Dudley​
2nd Wisconsin Infantry, Col Lucius Fairchild (w, 9/14), Lt. Col. Thomas S. Allen (w), Capt George B. Ely​
6th Wisconsin Infantry, Lt. Col. Edward S. Bragg (w), Maj Rufus R. Dawes​
7th Wisconsin Infantry, Capt John B. Callis​

1st Division Artillery Brigade, Capt J. Albert Monroe

1st New Hampshire, Lt Frederick M. Edgell D​
1st Rhode Island, Capt J. Albert Monroe​
Battery L, 1st New York, Capt John A. Reynolds​
Battery B, 4th U.S., Capt Joseph B. Campbell (w), Lt James Stewart​

2nd Division, Brig. Gen. James B. Ricketts

1st Brigade, Brig. Gen. Abram Duryea

97th New York, Maj Charles Northrup​
104th New York, Ma Lewis C. Skinner​
105th New York, Col Howard Carroll (mw)​
107th Pennsylvania, Capt James MacThomson​

2nd Brigade, Col William A. Christian, Col Peter Lyle (w)

26th New York, Lt. Col. Richard H. Richardson​
94th New York, Lt. Col. Calvin Littlefield​
88th Pennsylvania, Lt. Col. George W. Gile (w), Capt Henry B. Myers​
90th Pennsylvania, Col Peter Lyle, Lt. Col. William A. Leech​

3rd Brigade, Brig. Gen. George L. Hartsuff (w), Col Richard Coulter

12th Massachusetts, Maj Elisha Burbank (mw), Capt Benjamin F. Cook​
13th Massachusetts, Maj J. Parker Gould​
83rd New York (9th Militia), Lt. Col. William Atterbury​
11th Pennsylvania, Col Richard Coulter, Capt David M. Cook​

2nd Division Artillery Brigade

Battery F, 1st Pennsylvania, Capt Ezra W. Matthews​
Battery C, Pennsylvania, Capt James Thompson​

3rd Division (Pennsylvania Reserves), Brig. Gen. George G. Meade, Brig. Gen. Truman Seymour

1st Brigade, Brig. Gen. Truman Seymour, Col R. Biddle Roberts

1st Pennsylvania, Col R. Biddle Roberts, Capt William C. Talley​
2nd Pennsylvania, Capt James N. Byrnes​
5th Pennsylvania, Col Joseph W. Fisher​
6th Pennsylvania, Col William Sinclair​
13th Pennsylvania (1st Rifles), Col Hugh W. McNeil (k, 9/16), Capt. Dennis McGee​

2nd Brigade, Col Henry C. Bolinger (w, 9/14), Col Albert L. Magilton
3rd Pennsylvania, Lt. Col. John Clark​
4th Pennsylvania, Maj John Nyce​
7th Pennsylvania, Col Henry C. Bolinger (w, 9/14) Maj Chauncey A. Lyman​
8th Pennsylvania, Maj Silas M. Bailey​

3rd Brigade, Col Thomas F. Gallagher (w), Lt. Col. Robert Anderson
9th Pennsylvania, Lt. Col. Robert Anderson, Capt Samuel B. Dick​
10th Pennsylvania, Lt. Col. Adoniram J. Warner (w), Capt Jonathan P. Smith​
11th Pennsylvania, Lt. Col. Samuel M. Jackson​
12th Pennsylvania, Capt Richard Gustin​

3rd Division Artillery Brigade
Battery A, 1st Pennsylvania, Lt John G. Simpson​
Battery B, 1st Pennsylvania, Capt James H. Cooper​
Battery C, 5th U. S., Capt Dunbar B. Ransom​

2nd Corps
Strength: men, guns
Casualties: killed, wounded, missing, total

Maj. Gen. Edwin V. Sumner


6th New York Cavalry, Company D, Capt Henry W. Lyon​
6th New York Cavalry, Company K, Capt Riley Johnson​

1st Division, Maj. Gen. Israel B. Richardson (mw), Brig. Gen. John C. Caldwell, Brig. Gen. Winfield S. Hancock

1st Brigade, Brig. Gen. John C. Caldwell
5th New Hampshire, Col Edward E. Cross (w)​
7th New York, Capt Charles Brestel​
61st and 64th New York, Col Francis C. Barlow (w), Lt. Col. Nelson A. Miles​
81st Pennsylvania, Maj H. Boyd McKeen​

2nd Brigade, Brig. Gen. Thomas F. Meagher (w), Col John Burke
29th Massachusetts, Lt. Col. Joseph H. Barnes​
63rd New York, Col John Burke, Lt. Col. Henry Fowler (w),​
Maj Richard C. Bentley (w), Capt Joseph O'Neill​
69th New York, Lt. Col. James Kelly (w), Maj James Cavanagh​
88th New York, Lt. Col. Patrick Kelly​

3rd Brigade, Col John R. Brooke
2nd Delaware, Capt David L. Stricker​
52nd New York, Col Paul Frank​
57th New York, Lt. Col. Philip S. Parisen (k), Maj Alford B. Chapman​
66th New York, Capt Julius Wehle, Lt. Col. James H. Bull​
53rd Pennsylvania, Lt. Col. Richards McMichael​

1st Division Artillery Brigade
Battery B, 1st New York, Capt Rufus D. Pettit​
Battery A and C, 4th U. S., Lt Evan Thomas​

2nd Division, Maj. Gen. John Sedgwick (w), Brig. Gen. Oliver O. Howard

1st Brigade, Brig. Gen. Willis A. Gorman
15th Massachusetts, Lt. Col. John W. Kimball​
1st Minnesota, Col Alfred Sully​
34th New York, Col James A. Suitor​
82nd New York (2nd Militia), Col Henry W. Hudson​
1st Company Massachusetts Sharpshooters, Capt John Saunders (k)​
3rd Company Minnesota Sharpshooters, Capt William F. Russell​

2nd Brigade, Brig. Gen. Oliver O. Howard, Col Joshua T. Owen, Col DeWitt C. Baxter
69th Pennsylvania, Col Joshua T. Owen​
71st Pennsylvania, Col Isaac J. Wistar (w), Lt Richard P. Smith, Capt Enoch E. Lewis​
72nd Pennsylvania., Col DeWitt C. Baxter​
106th Pennsylvania, Col Turner G. Morehead​

3rd Brigade, Brig. Gen. Napoleon J. T. Dana (w), Col Norman J. Hall
19th Massachusetts, Col Edward W. Hinks (w), Lt. Col. Arthur F. Devereux (w), Capt H. G. Weymouth​
20th Massachusetts, Col William R. Lee​
7th Michigan, Col Norman I. Hall, Capt. Charles J. Hunt​
42nd New York, Lt. Col. George N. Bomford (w), Maj James E. Mallon​
59th New York, Col William L. Tidball​

2nd Division Artillery Brigade
Battery A, 1st Rhode Island, Capt John A. Tompkins​
Battery I, 1st U.S., Lt George A. Woodruff​

3rd Division, Gen. William H. French

First Brigade, Brig. Gen. Nathan Kimball
14th Indiana, Col William Harrow​
8th Ohio, Lt. Col. Franklin Sawyer​
132nd Pennsylvania, Col Richard A. Oakford (k), Lt. Col. Vincent M. Wilcox​
7th West Virginia, Col Joseph Snider​

Second Brigade, Col Dwight Morris
14th Connecticut, Lt. Col. Sanford H. Perkins​
108th New York, Col Oliver H. Palmer​
130th Pennsylvania, Col Henry I. Zinn​

Third Brigade, Brig. Gen. Max Weber (w), Col John W. Andrews
1st Delaware, Col John W. Andrews, Lt. Col. Oliver Hopkinson (w)​
5th Maryland, Maj Leopold Blumenberg (w), Capt E. F. M. Faehtz​
4th New York, Lt. Col. John D. MacGregor​

3rd Division Artillery Brigade
Battery G, 1st New York Capt. John D. Frank​
Battery B, 1st Rhode Island, Capt John G. Hazard​
Battery G, 1st Rhode Island, Capt. C. D. Owen​

5th Corps
Strength: men, guns
Casualties: killed, wounded, missing, total

Maj. Gen. Fitz John Porter

Detachment, 1st Maine Cavalry, Capt George J. Summat​

1st Division, Maj. Gen. George W. Morell

1st Brigade, Col James Barnes
2nd Maine, Col Charles W. Roberts​
18th Massachusetts, Lt. Col. Joseph Hayes​
22nd Massachusetts, Lt. Col. William S. Tilton​
1st Michigan, Capt. Emory W. Belton​
13th New York, Col Elisha G. Marshall​
25th New York, Col Charles A. Johnson​
118th Pennsylvania, Col Charles M. Prevost​
2nd Company York Massachusetts Sharpshooters, Capt Lewis E. Wentworth​

2nd Brigade, Brig. Gen. Charles Griffin
2nd D.C., Col Charles M. Alexander​
9th Massachusetts, Col Patrick R. Guiney​
32nd Massachusetts, Col Francis J. Parker​
4th Michigan, Col Jonathan W. Childs​
14th New York, Col. James McQuade​
62nd Pennsylvania, Col Jacob B. Sweitzer​

3rd Brigade, Col T. B. W. Stockton
20th Maine, Col Adelbert Ames​
16th Michigan, Lt. Col. Norval E.Welch​
12th New York, Capt William Huson​
17th New York, Lt. Col. Nelson B. Bartram​
44th New York, Maj Freeman Conner​
83rd Pennsylvania, Capt Orpheus S. Woodward​
Brady's Company, Michigan Sharpshooters, Lt Jonas H.Titus Jr.​

1st Division Artillery Brigade
3rd Massachusetts, Capt Augustus P. Martin​
Battery C, 1st Rhode Island, Capt Richard Waterman​
Battery D, 5th U.S., Lt Charles E. Hazlett​

2nd Division, Brig. Gen. George Sykes

1st Brigade, Lt. Col. Robert C. Buchanan
3rd U.S., Capt John D. Wilkins​
4th U.S., Capt Hiram Dryer​
12th U.S. (1st Battalion), Capt Matthew M. Blunt​
12th U.S. (2nd Battalion), Capt Thomas M. Anderson​
14th U.S. (1st Battalion), Capt W. Harvey Brown​
14th U.S. (2nd Battalion), Capt David B. McKibbin​

2nd Brigade, Maj Charles S. Lovell
1st and 6th U.S., Capt Levi C. Bootes​
2nd and 10th U.S., Capt. John S. Poland​
11th U.S., Capt DeLancey Floyd-Jones​
17th U.S., Maj George L. Andrews​

3rd Brigade, Col Gouverneur K. Warren
5th New York, Capt Cleveland Winslow​
10th New York, Lt. Col. John W. Marshall​

2nd Division Artillery Brigade
Battery E and G, 1st U.S., Lt Alanson M. Randol​
Battery I, 5th U.S., Capt Stephen H. Weed​
Battery K, 5th U.S., Lt William E. Van Reed​

3rd Division, Brig. Gen. Andrew A. Humphreys (reached the field of Antietam Sept.18th)

1st Brigade, Brig. Gen. Erastus B. Tyler
91st Pennsylvania, Col Edgar M. Gregory​
126th Pennsylvania, Col. James G. Elder​
129th Pennsylvania, Col Jacob G. Frick​
134th Pennsylvania, Col Matthew S.Quay​

2nd Brigade, Col Peter H. Allabach
123rd Pennsylvania., Col John B. Clark​
131st Pennsylvania, Lt. Col. William B. Shaut​
133rd Pennsylvania, Col Franklin B. Speakman​
155th Pennsylvania, Col Edward J. Allen​

3rd Division Artillery Brigade
Battery C, 1st New York, Capt Almont Barnes​
Battery L, 1st Ohio, Capt. Lucius N. Robinson​

5th Corp Artillery Reserve, Col. William Hays
Battery A, 1st Battalion New York, Lt Bernhard Wever​
Battery B, 1st Battalion New York, Lt Alfred von Kleiser​
Battery C, 1st Battalion New York, Capt Robert Langner​
Battery D, 1st Battalion New York, Capt Charles Kusserow​
5th New York, Capt Elijah D. Taft​
Battery K, 1st U. S., Capt William M. Graham​
Battery G, 4th U. S., Lt Marcus P. Miller​

6th Corps
Strength: men, guns
Casualties: killed, wounded, missing, total

Maj. Gen. William B. Franklin


B and G, 6th Pennsylvania Cavalry, Capt H. P. Muirheid​

1st Division, Maj. Gen. Henry W. Slocum

First Brigade, Col Alfred T. A. Torbert
1st New Jersey, Lt. Col. Mark W. Collet​
2nd New Jersey, Col Samuel L. Buck​
3rd New Jersey, Col Henry W. Brown​
4th New Jersey, Col William B. Hatch​

Second Brigade, Col Joseph J. Bartlett
5th Maine, Col Nathaniel J. Jackson​
16th New York, LtCol Joel J. Beaver​
27th New York, Lt. Col. Alexander D. Adams​
96th Pennsylvania, Col Henry L. Cake​

Third Brigade, Brig. Gen. John Newton
18th New York, Lt. Col. George R. Myers​
31st New York, Lt. Col. Francis H. Pinto​
32nd New York, Col Roderick Matheson (mw, 9/14), Maj George F. Lemon (mw, 9/14)​
95th Pennsylvania, Col Gustavus W. Town​

1st Division Artillery Brigade, Capt Emory Upton
Battery A, Maryland, Capt John W. Wolcott​
Battery A, 1st Massachusetts, Capt. Josiah Porter​
Battery A, 1st New Jersey, Capt William Hexamer​
Battery D, 2nd U. S., Lt Edward B. Williston​

2nd Division, MGen William F. Smith

First Brigade, Brig. Gen. Winfield S. Hancock, Col Amasa Cobb
6th Maine, Col Hiram Burnham​
43rd New York, Maj John Wilson​
49th Pennsylvania, Lt. Col. Willlam Brisbane​
137th Pennsylvania, Col Henry M. Bossert​
5th Wisconsin, Col Amasa Cobb​

Second Brigade, Brig. Gen. W. T. H. Brooks
2nd Vermont, Maj James H. Walbridge​
3rd Vermont, Col Breed N. Hyde​
4th Vermont, Lt. Col. Charles B. Stoughton​
5th Vermont, Col Lewis A. Grant​
6th Vermont, Maj Oscar L. Tuttle​

Third Brigade, Col William H. Irwin
7th Maine, Maj Thomas W. Hyde​
20th New York, Col Ernest von Vegesack​
33rd New York, LtCol Joseph W. Corning​
49th New York, LtCol William C. Alberger (w), Maj George W. Johnson​
77th New York, Capt Nathan S. Babcock​

2nd Division Artillery Brigade, Capt Romeyn B. Ayres
Battery B, Maryland, Lt Theodore J. Vanneman​
1st New York, Capt Andrew Cowan​
Battery F, 5th U. S., Lt Leonard Martin​

9th Corps
Strength: men, guns
Casualties: killed, wounded, missing, total

12th Corps
Strength: men, guns
Casualties: killed, wounded, missing, total

Cavalry Division
Strength: men, guns
Casualties: killed, wounded, missing, total

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