Any examples of foreign nationals being killed in the blockade and any diplomatic problems therein?


Brev. Brig. Gen'l
May 27, 2011
los angeles ca
We know if a USN vessel encountered a blockade runner it might fire it's cannons to force it to surrender. Obviously an ACW era cannon fired from one moving vessel to another is hardly a precision weapon . Did the the USN kill or seriously injure any foreign nationals and if they did what was the diplomatic fallout? I seem to recall the UK and perhaps other nations warned their citizens engaged in blockade running they did so at their own risk. If someone can reference such a warning that would be great.


Dec 13, 2011
@AndyHall ,
Perhaps you know of some examples?

There were foreign nationals heavily involved in running the blockade, and occasionally they got hurt or killed. It wan't that common, because runners were usually unarmed and would surrender without a fight if they couldn't get away.

I don't recall any cases that prompted a diplomatic issue, because most foreign governments (especially the British) made the decision to ignore their citizens' involvement in blockade running. Making a protest would also have hinted at recognition of the Confederacy. They basically turned a blind eye to the whole thing.