Antietam Muster - Saturday Afternoon - Member Presentations

NH Civil War Gal

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Feb 5, 2017
I’m looking for some member presentations for Antietam as we spend the afternoon, after lunch, at the battlefield.

@Ole Miss is going to do one on the National Cemetery and I’ll do one on the Pry House. We can’t go in the Pry House this year as it is currently closed due to environmental issues with the house that came up unexpectedly as they were reopening it. However, it is not easily seen from the road at all and it is worth seeing and driving up to. It isn’t far from the National Cemetery.

I planned on doing the National Cemetery and Pry House presentation towards later in the afternoon as we are leaving the battlefield and heading into Sharpsburg for a break at Nutters and then going on back to Charles Town.

I also have a short story to share about the Mumma cemetery which is within the park.

The presentations don’t have to be long and you can certainly do more than one. Traditionally the Musters involve member participation and we certainly welcome it! But once you commit to one, please stay committed and send me a PM saying what it is and about how long so I can pencil in the time for Saturday afternoon.