Announcement- Yadkin Valley Rangers


Jul 17, 2015
As a part of our efforts to increase the number of adults as Certified Muzzleloading Instructors, our group has started an NMLRA Charter Club called the Yadkin Valley Rangers. As a Charter Club, we're going to be an oddball since we will not have a range nor will we hold competitions or living historys. Our mission is education and instruction. As such, NMLRA members who are interested in what we do are welcome to join. Non NMLRA members, we urge you to join the NMLRA and we urge all our members to get certified as a Muzzleloading Instructor.

Why do this? If you ever want to volunteer or work in a youth shooting sports program, you have to hold Instructor certification. Muzzleloading certification is very rare in the Instructor world and of those, many are not even what we'd call "muzzleloading enthusiasts." We worked all summer in 2 Scout camps conducting instruction in muzzleloading safety and marksmanship. Just one of the things upcoming is a black powder shoot for a Scouting event with a projected attendance of 500 Scouts. Events like this can't happen without certified volunteers.

We're going to hold NRA Basic Muzzleloading on 10/9 at Camp Raven Knob, NC. Class is limited to 20 seats. It's the first class that you have to take to get to the Instructor Course. We're working with an NRA Training Counselor to hold the Instructor class in mid November.

We'll have a web presence in the coming months and maybe on social media. At this time, we are working through- [email protected]

There are few experiences as rewarding as helping a child be successful. I've had it happen almost every session we've worked. Instead of complaining about how things are in muzzleloading, why not step up and work with those who are our future?


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May 7, 2016
I love what y'all are doing. Please keep us updated.