Annefield Virginia, Birthplace of Mary Custis Lee (aka Mrs. Robert E. Lee)

Oct 14, 2014

It is also the birthplace of her younger brother. Edward Hill Custis, (according to the 1939 Rose M. MacDonald biography of Mrs. Lee) There was a colony of Tidewater Virginia Planters in the Northern Shenandoah Valley, mostly Clarke County and what is now Jefferson County W. VA. While some lived there full time others spent the summers there away from the 'sticky' bug infested Tidewater region. There are quite a few homes like this sprinkled around that area. Very few of them are still in the hands of their original owners and some are not even private homes anymore. A couple, like Rosemont, the home of the Byrd family and Carter Hall have become conference and venue centers. This one however is still a private home.

I actually knew a lady who grew up here (no I don't hang around people who live in houses like this!) She was just a very sweet friendly non snobby lady who was very well liked in the community.

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