Animated Civil War Battle Maps


Aug 20, 2017
Los Angeles, California
Came across this series on YouTube and figured this group might be interested. Their goal is to cover as many engagements of the war as they can in chronological order. The most recent video is on Corinth.

Was curious what everyone thought about these videos. The quality improves as the series progresses. There are a number of mispronunciations, but this is common in YouTube historical videos.

Historically oriented YouTube channels - particularly ones that make use of animated maps - seem to be on the rise.

This channel seems to be taking a page out of the excellent and very popular The Great War and World War Two YouTube channels and presenting the war week by week in real time. It's on Shiloh. I must confess I have not viewed any of the episodes yet. Has anyone been following?

Of course, the obvious risk with YouTube history is that the presenters are not trained historians and may make mistakes both in regards to facts and interpretation. But if they do a good job - like the team behind The Great War and World War Two channels - it's an amazing new frontier in historical content.


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Nov 27, 2018
Chattanooga, Tennessee
I reviewed Episode #13 to see how it was; Battle of New Bern, North Carolina. I didn't hear any mispronunciations :giggle:, just a very southern drawl. I'm from Virginia. I enjoyed it more than most I have seen. It stays at a pace I can keep up with, while I sit and ponder the amount of research he put into the information he displays, the organization of his details plus the ability involved in creating such a video. My thought is it inspires viewers to turn to their own research, and also draws a special focal point for those of us that long for new ideas of which part of the war to study. I found him easy to listen to and enjoyed the drawl, and believe his work to be very good. As far as mistakes may be made, they remain insignificant to the unwary, but to those that desire to learn more, it should compel them to dig deeper to attain a more perfect truth. I appreciate you posting the thread. I hadn't seen it and I now am subscribed. I learned from it and became motivated to hone my own organizational skills. Thank you.