Angel's Glow At Shiloh


May 29, 2017
Pe Ell, Washington
Angel’s Glow was the name given to the mysterious glow emitted the wounds of American civil war soldiers. The cause of this glow is hypothesized to be the bacteria Photorhabdus luminescens. This bacteria lives in the guts of a nematode that is commonly found in Shiloh, Tennessee where the phenomenon was reported happening.

The night was cold and dark and deadly. Countless soldiers lay scattered on the muddy battlefield, awaiting medical attention. Blood gushed from their open wounds, the risk of infection taking them ever closer to death’s door. As though by magic, however, the wounds of a select few shone green in the darkness, as though some mysterious power was bringing them back from the edge of death.

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Mar 6, 2011
Very interesting story.
Maybe "perfect storm' for this to happen. Must have been spookie to see this glow after after witnessing days of battle.
The biology of this is double wow for me.
Thanks for sharing this. Look forward to comments of other members..


Sep 29, 2015
Corinth, MS
Calling @TomP I know you can talk to this.
Ah, the story that just wont go away.

Angel's Glow is purely hypothetical and there are no accounts that this was observed at Shiloh or any other battlefield. I once posted on another site in reply to the story and a gentleman became somewhat surly with me. He called me a name my grandmother would not of approved of, and stated how my use of facts had ruined a perfectly good story.

Another time I was explaining to someone that there were no first had accounts which mention this phenomenon, no letters, diaries, journals, newspapers, anything. This guy got huffy and demanded to know if I had read every letter ever written about the Battle of Shiloh. I replied, "I don't have to read them all, I just have to read one that describes a glowing wound."

It is a good story, but until it can be documented it is just a tall tale.



Jun 8, 2013
Gotta agree with the others here. We were invited to speak on a couple documentaries about it, and three staff members did months of research and none of us could find any evidence for it.
There were a few of us on this site that tried to find first-hand accounts as well and we all came up empty and the farthest back we could find anything on it was the mid-90s.