An Original Spencer Carbine: How much is it worth?


Dec 22, 2020
Washington's battery, New York City
I will soon inherit a Spencer Carbine from early 1865, all factory and government inspector stamps are visible, the carbine shoots well, everything is intact, and it is all around in mint condition. How much is it worth?
I also have a Sharps Rifle in excellent condition, used in the 2nd Connecticut Regiment alongside the bayonet issued with the rifle, with the same serial number. Any idea how much that's worth?
And does anyone know how much the pistols of Union Brig. Gen. Francis Washburn's pistols are worth? They too are in astonishing condition. He was mortally wounded at the battle of High Bridge.

I don't plan on selling them, I simply want to get a scope of what I have access to.


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May 7, 2016
Its tough enough giving value with photos much less from just a description. If you could post some photos to include makers marks, serial # and any other marking if would help. Looking forward to seeing them.