American Rifle + rifle ammo and American cannon + cannon ammo improvements: Concord & Lexington, 1775, through April, 1865. What were they?


Feb 13, 2019
Cape May, NJ
What are the facts and what is the literature on this subject? I'm interested in test reports and/or military experience reports, regarding accuracy, range, reliability, durability, etc.

Thank you for your responses in advance.


PS. If you want to include pistol + pistol ammo, then go ahead. (Let it not be said that I ask for too much of CWT participants!)

PPS. It would be interesting to know, but outside the scope of this thread, to discuss what the Union and Conf. armies, including cavalry, were progressively using from April, 1861 through April, 1865. That enormously interesting topic deserves another thread, but after we determine the facts for that period.

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