Alabama Ordinance of Secession


Jan 6, 2013
Buford, Georgia

On January 11, 1861, the Alabama Secession Convention passes an Ordinance of Secession, declaring Alabama a "Sovereign and Independent State." By a vote of 61-39, Alabama becomes the fourth state to secede from the Union. #alabamahistory#alabamaarchives
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Feb 6, 2010
From the Alabama secession convention:

"It is true that the interests of the South may demand territorial expansion, for expansion seems to be the law and destiny and necessity of our institutions. To remain healthful and prosperous within and to make sure our development and power, it seems essential that we should grow without. Arizona and Mexico, Central America and Cuba all may yet be embraced within the limits of our Southern republic. A Gulf Confederacy may be established in the South which may well enjoy almost a monopoly in the production of cotton, rice, sugar, coffee, tobacco, and tropical fruits. The trade of all tropical America combined with that of the Cotton States would make our Confederacy the wealthiest, the most progressive, and the most influential power on the globe. Should the border States refuse to unite their destiny with ours, then we may be compelled to look for territorial strength and for political power to those rich and beautiful lands that lie upon our southwestern frontier. Their genial climate and productive soil, their rich agricultural and mineral resources, render them admirably adapted to the institution of slavery. Under the influence of that institution these tropical lands would soon add millions to the commercial wealth of our Republic and their magnificent ports would soon be filled with ships from every nation. Slave labor would there build up for the Southern Confederacy populous and wealthy States as it has built up for the late Union the States of Georgia, Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana, and Texas."

- Delegate Lewis M. Stone

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Feb 23, 2010
As is often the case, it is what is unsaid, in official documents, that are the most portentious of action.