CS Con ★★★ Adams, Charles William - C.S. Delegate, AR

Charles William Adams

Brig. General Adams.jpg

Born: August 16, 1817

Birthplace: Boston, Massachusetts

Father: Benjamin Adams Jr.

Mother: Susannah Goodhue

Wife: Lucy Helen Everett 1828 – 1889
(Buried: Elmwood Cemetery, Memphis, Tennessee)​


Thomas C. Adams Unknown – 1884​
(Buried: Elmwood Cemetery, Memphis, Tennessee)​
Edward Frederick Adams 1849 – 1899​
(Buried: Elmwood Cemetery, Memphis, Tennessee)​
Catherine Everett Adams Keller 1856 – 1921​
(Buried: Greenwood Cemetery, Montgomery, Alabama)​
Marshall Cranworth Adams 1869 – 1940​
(Buried: Elmwood Cemetery, Memphis, Tennessee)​

Occupation before War:

Attorney, Judge and Cotton Planter in Helena, Arkansas​

Civil War Career:

1861: Delegate to Arkansas State Secession Convention​
1861: Major & Quartermaster for Arkansas State troops​
1862: Colonel of 23rd​ Arkansas Infantry Regiment​
1862: Transferred to Arkansas to raise a new regiment​
1862: Colonel of Adams Regiment until dissolved on December 16, 1862​
1863: Assistant Adjutant & Chief of Staff to General Thomas Hindman​
1864: Brigadier General who commanded Northern Sub-District, Arkansas​

Occupation after War:

Attorney in Memphis, Tennessee Law Partner with Albert Pike​

September 9, 1878

Place of Death: Memphis, Tennessee

Age at time of Death: 61 years old

Cause of Death: Yellow Fever

Burial Place: Elmwood Cemetery, Memphis, Tennessee

Buried On: September 10, 1878
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Feb 20, 2005
11/12/63 Requisition by Col Adams for forage for his horse [serving on Hindman’s staff as chief of staff]

12/22/63 bearer of dispatches to TM Army

Dec 1863 Returning to Ark, Adams found himself again without a command. Gen Price, cdr of the Dept of Ark, named Adams cdr of the Northern Sub-District of Ark. Adams’ entire area of responsibility was behind Union lines, & the Col operated as an “acting Brig Gen” during this period. Gen Shelby refused to follow Adams’ orders while operating in the sub-district

12/22/63 AG Cooper to Holmes-C W Adams, late Col of the 23rd Ark Regt is now out of commission by reason of his irregular & illegal appointment by Gen Hindman. This illegal assignment or appointment has worked ___hardship to Col Adams without any fault on his part & it is desirable, if possible, to provide for him in some manner so that the services of so efficient an officer may not be lost.

_____... to this, I wish to inquire whether there is an Ark Bgde in your command to which Col Adams could be assigned if promoted Brig Gen & if you are still prepared to recommend him for such a position.

2/6/64 Gen Holmes reconfirms to Gen Cooper his recommendation for Adams as Brig Gen

2/6/64 Camden-Adams requests appointment as Brig Gen

3/29/64 Smith Hqs to Price-Ref to acting Gen Adams cdg forces N of Ark River

Adams [formerly Col 23rd​ Ark] had the title, although not the formal rank, of "acting Brig Gen." He was not officially appointed by President Jefferson Davis & confirmed by the Senate to that grade, even though some sources identify him as such.

Shelby & his AG, Major John Newman Edwards each held a low opinion of Adams, Edwards accused Adams of being more interested in cotton trading than in fighting. When Shelby operated in this area of Ark, he relegated Adams to handling only civil matters.