ABT Looking to Save 6 Acres Near Culp's Hill and 22 at Bristoe Station


2nd Lieutenant
Aug 3, 2019
The Bristoe Station property also was involved in the Second Bull Run Campaign. These are both significant.

This is the Culp's Hill tract:
On July 2nd, Union cannons were positioned just west of the tract and sent shells screaming over this land to support Union forces on nearby Culp’s Hill, where the battle raged between General Edward “Allegheny” Johnson’s Confederate division (the command formerly held by General Stonewall Jackson) and Federal forces led by General Henry W. Slocum. The next day, Federal troops reinforced Culp’s Hill and multiple 12th Corps units from New York and Maryland were positioned upon and moved across the tract as they charged into the fray, helping to stymie Confederate thrusts near Pardee Field, Culp’s Hill, and Spangler’s Spring.

This is the Bristoe Station tract:
The parcel we can save today marked the position of Union troops led by General Joshua Owen, who acted as the main force to repel the Confederate attack. If we protect these acres now, we can preserve a crucial piece of the story of Bristoe Station.
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