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Hello Everyone! Welcome to our brand new Civil War Index of Terms. This will be a community project! Everyone can help!

What you can do is find a term that is related to the Civil War. It can be a word or slang used during the period, or a technical term, a biographical sketch, weapons used in the war, or really anything else. Here are some examples to be defined:

Henry Repeating Rifle
Lee, Robert E.
Monitor, The
Parrott Rifled Cannon
Parrott, Robert Parker

To create a definition or term, please follow these instructions:

Go to the letter that your term starts with. Make sure that your term has not already been defined! Click on the "Create New Conversation" button if it has not.

Please use proper punctuation and Upper and Lowercase lettering. We want to keep our index neat!

The Subject will be the name of your term.

The message text will compose of your Term, as stated in the subject, two carraige returns, and then the correct definition. If your term is not a commonly known term, please include the source of your term and definition.

If you have a picture to go with your definition, please feel free to add it below your description. Use the "Formatting" page listed in the toolbar below to learn how.

When you are done, click "Preview/Post Message" this will allow you to make last minute spelling corrections and such. When you click "Post this Message" it will be sent to the message queue to be edited if necessary, and then approved and added to the index.

If you find additional information or a correction to a term found in the index, you may add the needed comments in the Reply box of the term in question.

If you have any trouble feel free to contact me.