A Time Out In Camp, Captain Emory Marries His Massachusetts Angel

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War time couples did not have a chance at this, bridesmaids, suited gents and families bearing witness. Some took the chance at happiness anyway, a huge gamble in a war with a steadily increasing casualty list. From reading accounts, ' wedding in camp ' stories were on the rise.

What's cool is finding them both alive, ( albeit sadly, only a little briefly post war ), since I've researched more than one ' wedding in camp ' stories where a new husband did not live to see his family grow. Please excuse me, have ' done ' these two previously- came across yet another article plus their story.

Lt. William Emory was a 28 year old carriage maker when enlisting in the 25th Massachusetts, October, 1861. Like so many regiments, the 25th Massachusetts adopted a ' Daughter of the Regiment '. one Ellen E. Whelan/Wheelen, from a 22 year old Bostonian. Unlike a lot of ' Daughters ', Ellen seems to have hit the marching road with her regiment, serving as a hospital nurse when encamped, front line nurse when on campaign. One of our ' Angels ', battlefield nurses also tended to not survive the war.

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William Emory, officer of the 25th Massachusetts, soon to be Captain Mr. Emory- because Ellen was his Mrs. No photo ( yet ) of Ellen Wheelen. Ellen was an educated young woman marching to war - and her wedding in Newbern, from Boston. ( maybe a teacher, pre-war? Not positive )

Harper's Weekly and Frank Leslie's Illustrated news ran with the story when a camp wedding resulted from this couple's service together in the 25th Massachusetts. Possibly making ' headlines ' because illustrious guests attended, these are always worth repeating. Burnside, Reno and Foster all took a few hours holiday from war.

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They had a decade together- Ellen died young. In 1877 this couple was separated for the first time since their ' wedding in camp '. Documents state her heart failed. But cupid did indeed win for a little while.
Fewer ads. Lots of American Civil War content!
Fewer ads. Lots of American Civil War content!