Murfreesboro A Stones River Letter

Nov 27, 2020
Fascinating letter! Thanks so much for sharing this. I thoroughly enjoyed reading it, and I also found several things interesting, things not typically depicted in movies, such as a Union regiment suffering in the cold without tents or blankets, as well as food shortages while not in siege (such privations are not included in modern portrayals of Union armies, as Northern industrial might is so often given as a quick answer to the question of why the South lost).
Thank you also for including a follow-up of the life of he who wrote the letter. :smile:


Jan 28, 2021
Heavy rain indeed! From an Orderly Sergeant with the 88th Illinois...

" Camp 8 miles north of Murfreesboro, Dec 28th"

"We moved day before yesterday from camp in Mill Creek and arrived in an awful rain. We travelled the day before while the rain came down in torrents and the boys were yelling like mad dogs, some in fact barking. Some giving the usual order in battle "lie down". All exceedingly merry"...