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A Rebellious Woman
Proudly Presented by the Author: Clair J. Griffin - @heyclaire2

A Rebellious Woman is based on the life story of Belle Boyd (1844-1900), whose coming of age coincided with the opening shots of the Civil War. Debutante, teenaged spy, seductress, actress, divorcee, cross-dresser, and self-promoter, she carried a pistol and wasn't afraid to use it. In a century when a woman was meant to be nothing more than a well-behaved wife and mother, Belle Boyd stands out as a scandalous woman of history defying all the rules.

A few words from the Author:

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May 7, 2019
Old Lyme, CT
Mike! Thanks so much for the launch! A Rebellious Woman went on sale yesterday. And this morning on Amazon it was ranked #306 in Biographical Fiction! A reviewer on Twitter said "If you like authentic, fast-paced historical bios about people who don't fit their time period, grab this book!" Belle was a famous Civil War personality, but if you read her entire life's story, you realize she was a woman who was born in the wrong century.

Gary Morgan

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Aug 2, 2019
In my case, I got an email when they first started doing them asking if I'd be interested (I'm an Author's Club author, too). I imagine that the right people will come along and see this, but just in case, I'm going to tag @lelliott19 because I expect she knows.