Restricted A P Hill


Sep 13, 2020
Port Macquarie, Australia
Since my last post [Post #39], it looks like a court order to move A P Hill's remains is imminent [link].

Some quotes from the article include:
1. "the city is preparing to request a court order to move the burial remains of A.P. Hill that are underneath the statue of him that’s still standing"
2. "The monuments should ... [be] relocated to places where they can be studied with proper historical context";
3. “We need to be compensated for maintaining these statues for 100-plus years. We need to be compensated for removing them.” and
4. "Anderson, the council’s chief of staff, said all the offers are still up for consideration as final recommendations are being drafted."

1. I suspect they are waiting on the outcome of the court matter regarding the R E Lee statue;
2. A strange comment as I understand many have been removed to a sewage plant;
3. Good grief. Many were gifts and raised from public donations. [In the case of the R E Lee statue the very land it sits on was a gift, subject to certain conditions.] This proposed compensation relates to the statues going to the highest bidder;
4. Descendants and the owners of relevant historic home have already placed bids. Some seem to want them go to the highest bidder. One wants the Gen. Jackson statue cut up and sold as individual pieces. A Professor Schmidt does not want them going "to organizations with no interest in reinterpreting them".
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