A Dog of the 38th New York Infantry


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Aug 8, 2011
Gettysburg area
This wonderful photograph comes courtesy of Paul Daniel, who posted it in the "Civil War Faces" Facebook group in hopes that others familiar with the regiment might be able to provide some background on the image. Identities--including the identity of the dog--are unknown, as are date and location; however, another member of that group, since Mr. Daniel's original post, has provided some information: "Its from a collection of papers and images of William Hanan and friends from the 38th NY. It was on Ebay a few years back....Fought at Mananas under Colonel J. H. Hobart Ward, later with General Phil Kearny as one of his Red Diamond Division units. Led the night attack at Chancellorsville. With the lack of corps badges and the men carrying 1854 Lorenz Rifles I would date the image between the fall of 1861 and the Summer of 1862." Mr. Daniel would be happy to have any additional information that CivilWarTalk members might be able to provide.

I think the dog might be a retriever mix or possibly a young retriever, based on his size.

Soldiers of 38th NY and Dog (courtesy of Paul Daniel).jpg

Close-up of dog w 38th NY group (courtesy Paul Daniel).jpg
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