A book of letters from the war by 3 brothers, "My Dear Mother" Lathrop brothers, Dedham, MA

Mar 1, 2019
Dedham, MA
The three brothers wrote many letters home detailing their wartime experiences. The Lathrop family donated the letters to the Dedham Historical Society in 1928. A team has worked diligently to decipher the letters and put them in book form. I had nothing to do with the project but am posting this information since it may be of interest to folks here.
The brothers are John, Joseph and Julius (the only one who didn't make it home).
To learn more Google the title "My Dear Mother" and add Dedham and or Lathrop to the search.
Aug 2, 2019
I'm definitely interested!!

My great grandparents lived in Dedham, and my grandmother was born there on High Street in 1917. I used to visit an aunt and uncle there in the 1960s. It would be fun to read the book and see if I catch any of the local references (probably not). I was also supposed to have given a talk to the local Civil War Round Table in Dedham this Spring, but it looks like that's gone the way of the Zoom call....

Thank you for posting this!

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