A Bit Of Alternate History

Jan 22, 2016
I am planning a novel regarding an alternate American Civil War, where the first aeroplanes are used, by both sides, in very limited numbers. I would like to discuss how long could the ACW have been postponed, such as 1878 instead of 1861. Or was it inevitable that the war began when it did.

I know that my novel idea (and it is only in the early planning stages - note even a plot or outline as yet) may seem far-fetched for most of the forum members (and I am new to this one), but alternate history does require a slight suspension of disbelief, especially when it comes to "advanced" technologies (and no, I am NOT using P-51s or Messerschmitts).

I must admit that my interests regarding the ACW are limited to submarines/submersibles and ironclads (and I am aware that the Smithsonian has discovered documents pertaining to actual aeroplane designs from the Confederacy), so please be gentle with me, but give me plausible reasons.

Thanks you all.

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