92nd IL Captured Colored Men mustered in


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Nov 12, 2018
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While doing research on a 3x cousin, Alonzo Furman Corporal Co F, I came across this on a site for the history of the 92nd Ill. At this time they were in or near Wartrace TN south of Nashville. The 92nd had just been converted to a Mounted Infantry Regiment and were looking for horses. As you can see they came across what must have been slaves and brought them back as well. Don't know what 200 men went on this little excursion.

From Adjutant General's report.......

July 10, 1863, the Regiment was detached from General Granger's Corps, and assigned to Wilder's Brigade Mounted infantry, Reynold's Division, Thomas' Corps, Army of the Cumberland.

July 22, 1863, a detachment of 200 of the Regiment joined an expedition under Colonel Funkhouser to scout the country for horses, and within four days captured 1,700 head of horses and mules, and 800 colored men, who were mustered into a colored regiment, the Ninety-second receiving horses sufficient to mount the entire Regiment.

Might have to see if I can figure what Regiment they might have become. Anyone have any ideas?

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