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Mar 25, 2014
1. Grant's patron, Elihu B. Washburne was an Illinois congressman and later Secretary of State and minister to France in Grant's administration.

2. Elihu's brother Cadwallader C. Washburn acquired the Minneapolis Milling Company shortly after its founding in 1856. Later he formed the Washburn-Crosby Company when he brought John Crosby in as a partner. Their best flour was the Gold Medal line. The company exists today as General Mills. Cadwallader was a Wisconsin congressman and later governor of that state.

Another brother, William Washburn, Sr. was a Minnesota congressman and senator and founder of the Pillsbury-Washburn Milling Company. It later became the Pillsbury Company which was also eventually absorbed by General Mills.


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Elihu Washburne. Member of House of Representatives from Illinois.
2. Cadwallader Washburn. Minneapolis Mill Company, the predecessor of General Mills.

Sources: https://www.apg-wi.com/spooner_advo...cle_dd2b6cc0-151f-11e9-8ab7-a3055bb18ebc.html


mid month bonus
1) Tony Grant of Everton, Robert Lee of Newcastle United. Playing in the English Premier League.
2) Robert Lee's Newcastle side won 3-1, with Lee on the scoresheet.

https://www.11v11.com/teams/everton/tab/opposingTeams/opposition/Newcastle United/

Edit - Washburn A, Washburn B, Minneapolis Mills, and Washburn-Crosby are all acceptable answers for the name of General Mills before it became General Mills.

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