Trivia Question 8-12-19 Call me Scarlett

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Apr 1, 1999
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Answer: Pansy O'Hara


"The bravery of the heroine that Margaret Mitchell originally named Pansy O'Hara — the author's publisher asked her to change the name — was enticing to many girls in the pre-feminist '60s."

"During early drafts of the original novel, Mitchell referred to her heroine as "Pansy," and did not decide on the name "Scarlett" until just before the novel went to print"'Hara&oldid=899927757

"You know her as Scarlett now, but for years, the heroine of Gone with the Wind was named Pansy. It probably would have stayed that way had the publisher not requested a name change."

Edit - Although the official answer is "Pansy O'Hara," Faraway Friend indicated that players who simply gave the name of "Pansy" should get credit for a correct answer.

It appears that nearly all of those who play the game on a regular basis answered this question, even though the original schedule indicated that no question would be posted on August 12. However, if there is anyone who didn't answer because they were assuming there would be no question on August 12 and therefore didn't look at the trivia game forum until it was too late, please send me a private conversation to let me know that was what happened and I'll give you credit for a correct answer. I will trust in the honesty of our players in this case.

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