7-30-21 Demographics End of July Bonus

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Oct 10, 2019
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Primary Question: Name the only 2 Southern States whose populations in 1860 consisted of more slaves living there then free men?

Mississippi (55.2% slaves) and South Carolina (57.2 slaves)

Source: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/1860_United_States_census

Bonus Question: At Gettysburg, one Union Regiment had six different commanders during the battle. Who were they?

The regiment in question is the 11th New Jersey Volunteer Infantry. The 6 commanders it had at Gettysburg were: Colonel Robert McAllister, Major Phillip Kearney, Captain Luther Martin, Captain William Loyd, Lieutenant John Schoonover and Captain Samuel T. Sleeper.

Source: https://gettysburg.stonesentinels.com/union-monuments/new-jersey/11th-new-jersey/


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Apr 1, 1999
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Mississippi and South Carolina


bonus: ANSWER: Col. Robert McAllister
Maj. Phillip Kearney
Capt. Luther Martin
Lt. John Schoonover
Capt. William Lloyd
Capt. Samuel Sleeper

SOURCE: Union Order of Battle, various sources, most accessible, Wikipedia

Edit - The bonus question stated that one Union regiment had six different commanders during the Battle of Gettysburg and asked "Who were they?"

The final answer shows that the intent was that "they" were the six different commanders; however, several players (including me) interpreted "they" to be referring to the regiment, rather than the commanders. I do not feel that this was an unreasonable interpretation, so I am giving credit for a correct answer to those who responded "11th New Jersey."

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