6th Massachusetts Militia/Infantry

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Private Luther Ladd, 6th Massachusetts Militia, (1843-1861).


James H. Richardson, Sergt. Co. F. 6th Massachusetts Volunteer Infantry. He enlisted on Sept. 5, 1862 as a Sergeant. On Sept. 8, 1862, he mustered into Co. F. of the 6th Massachusetts Infantry. He was mustered out on June 3, 1863 at Lowell, Ma.

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Sixth MVM Regimental Song, from G. W. Nason, History and complete roster of the Massachusetts regiments, minute men of '61 who responded to the first call of President Abraham Lincoln, April 15, 1861, to defend the flag and Constitution of the United States ... and biographical sketches of minute men of Massachuetts. This source also includes over 30 photographs of soldiers of the 6th, but just about all of them taken in later years, well after the war. The regimental history section, however, includes a description of the varied uniforms used by the different companies.


The regimental dress at this time was far from uniform. Each company was literally an independent one in apparel. Company A had changed its name to the National Greys, and its uniforms were being made, but they were unfinished, and the men left for Washington with blue frocks and black pantaloons, tall round caps, and white pompoms. Company B wore the United States regulation uniform; that is, dark blue frocks, and light blue trousers. Company C wore gray dress coats, caps, and pantaloons, and yellow trimmings. Company D, the same as C, with buff trimmings. Companies E and P were dressed like B, and Company G wore blue dress coats; Company H, gray throughout; Company I, caps, and dark blue frocks and red pants, in the French style. Company K wore gray, and Company L was dressed in blue.

At the instance of General Butler, Governor Andrew provided all with excellent gray overcoats, so that quite an appearance of uniformity was preserved.

Before coming home, however, they were furnished with a sort of Zouave suit, consisting of gray voltigeur jackets, single-breasted, with full trousers, and fez caps with dark tassels for fatigue, and gray hats turned up at the side, with red trimmings, for dress. Some of the boys thought there was a march of two or three hours inside their trousers' legs. The officers wore the Massachusetts State uniform, dark blue frocks, light blue trousers, with broad white stripes on the side.

The adoption of gray by the rebels, gradually induced our soldiers to wear the old national color, blue, until it was compelled to do so by army regulations. (p.193)

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