Ammo .550", wood-plugged Pritchett Balls

Tin cup

Jan 9, 2010
Enfield .550 bullets.jpg

Oh boy, for the 1st time since I have been forming authentic Civil War Musket/Rifled Musket cartridges for live firing, I have a bunch of wood-plugged, machine pressed .550" diameter Pritchett Ball ammo!

I ordered 36 of these beauties from
Several of us are getting together to do some live firing, and we may have a couple of original Enfields to play with, loading and shooting these bullets. I have pictured here two of them, one with, one without the wood plug, next to a repro Enfield cartridge, and a 10 round Enfield cartridge arsenal pack.

I have formed many Enfield style rounds, but I used a standard .580" 3-ring minie, sized down to .562", much like the Confederate copy of the Enfield cartridge, no wood plug. These did fine in original Enfields and Springfields, and early gen Parker Hales, not so great in modern reproductions.

So my chance to try theses out will happen soon, let folk know the results!

Kevin Dally