3000 Books In One Collection!

thomas aagaard

1st Lieutenant
Nov 19, 2013
I was running out of space and counted a bit more than 600 books and magazines... but that is including everything. Fantasy, sci fi...
(live in a 60m2 house with my wife and daughter, so not a lot of room)

My main excuse for the low number is the fact that I have not turned 40 yet ;-)

So started getting rid of a lot that I would never read again...
So Iam down to maybe 500 now. But I have read maybe 90% of them...

My issue atm is the fact that everything below the height of about 1m is within reach of my 1½ year old daughter... so got sort of a storage issue.

I likely add another 500 publications from the (Danish) weapons historical society. My father have been a member since the early 1980ties and should have everything they published... but he will most likely never read any of it again... so it make a lot more sense that I get everything... the only issue is finding the space for it...


Jul 24, 2016
Been there, done that regarding getting rid of books I thought I'd never read again....until later something triggered the urge to read it such as references to the discarded book in other books. Though in many cases one and done was appropriate.

I find space limitation to be the bane of book owning, also requiring storage logistics to keep, shall we say, "a happy home". Happy wife, happy life. :D

This is the primary advantage of digital books over hardcover other than portability out of the house.

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