2nd Manassas, Dr. Wortham and ACL Gatewood

Oct 6, 2017
Hallo, I need som help about a Confederate Surgeon I am studying about, Dr. John B Wortham!
I found a letters from a soldier, ACL Gatewood, where he cited Dr Wortham as their surgeon.
The original letters are present as pdf on Google Drive (see pag 51-59, Dr Wortham is cited at the beginning of page 57)
A Cadet Life & Civil War Collection from the VMI Archives
Andrew C. L. Gatewood Papers Letter, 1862 September 3.
17th Virginia Cavalry
Battle at Manassas (2nd Manassas; 2nd Bull Run) Manuscript #068

I cannot find any roster about the 17th Virginia Cavalry Battalion
I also searched for the 7th Regiment, Virginia Cavalry (Ashby's), which was formed by seven companies of the 17th Battalion.
Both units parteciapted to 2nd Manassas.

Could anyone help me looking for Dr Wortham and Virginia Cavalry in 2nd Manassas?
Thanks a lot

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Old Bay

Jun 1, 2010
Culpeper, VA
From what I gathered from a quick search the 17th Battalion didn't last all that long having been merged into the 11th VA Cavalry after Gettysburg. There's a possibility that you can get some information from a search into the 11th. I have an ancestor that served in Company C of the 17th but haven't really done a lot of research into him.

There's a good book called "A History of the Laurel Brigade: Originally the Ashby Cavalry of the Army of Northern Virginia and Chew's Battery. It covers all of these regiments and I believe has a roster. I don't own a copy, otherwise I'd look in it for you.

There are books on the 7th and 11th in the Virginia Regimental histories. Sometimes hard to come across. I've gotten some of these books through inter library loans.

I found a muster roll of the 11th online here: https://www.press.jhu.edu/books/supplemental/mcdonald/eleventh. I didn't find a Dr. Wortham. Though there is a 2nd LT ACL Gatewood of Company F listed.

I muster roll for the 7th: https://www.press.jhu.edu/books/supplemental/mcdonald/seventh. Again, no Dr. Wortham.

Sorry I can't be of more help at this time. If I get more time perhaps I can dig a little further.
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