2 new YouTube videos covering the 1st day


Jun 15, 2015
This will be a series of 4 covering the 1st day. Two are posted now, the other two will follow within the week. Thanks to everyone on this forum for comments and information. Invaluable!

Sorry to say, I still get left and right confused. Reviewers on this forum have tagged me with this in the past. What can I say? I'll keep trying!

Titles, links and run-times:

Gettysburg, Day One - The Morning Fight (16:28)

Gettysburg, Day One - The Oak Ridge Fight (10:15)


Oct 30, 2018
As a teacher for 43 years, I feel your pain. So many times I stood facing the class and told them to put their name in the upper right corner as I pointed to my left! As a re-enactor our captain was also a teacher so when he marched at the head of the company he call out "By column left" and point with his sword to the right. He told us not to listen to him and go where the sword pointed!