1st New Jersey Light Artillery, Battery B Monument (Gettysburg)

1st New Jersey Light Artillery, Battery B Monument


Gettysburg NMP, PA, by Mike Kendra,
Taken between 1999 & 2005.

  • Unit Represented: 1st New Jersey Light Artillery Battery B
  • Battlefield: Gettysburg National Military Park, Pennsylvania
  • Location: Sickles Avenue
  • Map Coordinates: +39° 48' 4.78", -77° 14' 49.88"
  • Part of: III Corps, Artillery Brigade
  • Commanded by: Capt. A.J. Clark, Lt. Robert Simms
  • Equipped with: Six 10 pdr. Parrott Rifles
  • Men Engaged at Gettysburg: 143
  • Gettysburg Casualties: Killed 1, Wounded 16, Missing 3; Total 20
  • FRONT: "Clark's Battery, Battery B, 1st New Jersey Light Artillery, 3d Corps. Fought here from 2 until 7 o'clock on July 2, 1863, firing 1,300 rounds of ammunition. Losses, killed 1, wounded 16, missing 3. Erected by the State of New Jersey 1888."
  • BACK: "Mustered in Sept. 3, 1861, mustered out June 6, 1865. Engaged in 26 battles including all the important actions on the Peninsula, Fredericksburg, Chancellorsville, Wilderness, Spottsylvania, Cold Harbor, Petersburg, Appomattox."
  • Artist: Frederick & Field
  • Dedicated: July 2, 1888 (June 30, 1888)
  • Dimensions: Overall: 14 ft. x 5 ft. 2 in. x 5 ft. 2 in.
  • Description: Granite monument with sculpted reliefs of napoleon tubes and sponge and rammers. The granite monument has a tapered top decorated with stars and is topped by a granite ball.
  • Remarks: The monument is a massive structure of dark Quincy granite and highly polished. The base is six feet three inches long and five feet three inches wide; its height is twelve feet six inches; its weight thirteen tons. The die is four feet long and three feet wide. On each end is carved a representation of a cannon and two rammers. The finial has on neck, front and rear Third Corps badge and a band of thirteen stars and terminates with cap on which an enlarged representation of a cannon ball which is cut solid on the stone. - from History of Battery B, First New Jersey Artillery by Michael Hanifen.



"This monument was erected by the State of New Jersey, under the acts of it's Legislature providing for the erection of suitable monuments to mark the positions occupied by New Jersey regiments and batteries upon the battlefields of Gettysburg, to commemorate their services in granite...."​
"... It was dedicated July 2, 1888. The picture is a faithful representation of (the) monument, and group of surviving comrades present at its dedication. It is located on Sickles Avenue, north of the wheatfield, and near the east line of Sherfy's Peach Orchard."​


Members in monument photo from left to right: C.H. Harrison, Cornelius Bush, Mrs. J.H. George, Mrs. Chas Bush, J. Whitmore, Jos. Stevenson, M. Whitmore, Thos. McKecknie, A. Parkhurst, E. Raake, G.H. Williams, J. Hardham, R. Wilson, Chas. Bush, M. Donohoe, J.H. George, Chas Banks, Capt. A.J. Clark, Geo. Smith, E.H. Timm, H. Roydhouse, J. Higgins, S.D. Farrand, O.N. Woodruff, Wm. Smith, Samuel Ennis, M. Hanifen.​
Photo & Text from:​
HISTORY OF BATTERY B, 1ST N.J. ARTILLERY, by Michael Hanifen, Pages 92 and 93, Longstreet House, Originally printed, Ottawa, Illinois, 1905, Reprinted, Hightstown, NJ, 1991.

Likely taken during the 50th Anniversary of the Battle of Gettysburg, July 2nd, 1913.
Copyright Michael Kendra, January 19, 2002
Copyright Michael Kendra, April 18, 2009
Copyright Michael Kendra, August 25, 2012
Members of the N-SSA Team Representing 1st NJ Lt. Artillery, Taken in 1963.

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